CIE picks Shrewsbury students among best

Students from Shrewsbury International School have achieved stunning success in this year's Achievement Awards from the Cambridge International Examinations board.

Two of the school's students were named Top in the World while Top in Thailand accolades were awarded in seven subjects.

Year-13 student Wen Li Toh was named Top in the World in AS Level English Literature and received a High Achievement award for geography. Wen Li, who has been interviewed for a place at Cambridge University, won two awards last year for her IGCSE results.

Year-12 student Sirin (Lee) Charasyos-vuthichai was named Top in the World for her IGCSE Business Studies exam performance, Top in Thailand for English (second language) and was awarded first place for her results across seven subjects.

Year-12 student Bunyada (Mos) Laoprapassorn received three Top in Thailand awards - in biology, physics and information and communications - in addition to winning first place across eight IGCSE subjects.

This is the first year awards were made by CIE in A-level examination subjects, where Shrewsbury students also excelled. Chayo Tantivasin, who is studying economics at Manchester University, and Gavin Opaswongkarn, now at Royal Holloway University, were both given the Top in Thailand award for A-level business studies. Don Jamkajornkeiat, who is studying mathematics at Imperial College London, won Top in Thailand for A-level economics. Nikita Sergeenko, now at the University of British Columbia in Canada, received a High Achievement award in A-level geography.

School Principal Stephen Holroyd said: "Warm congratulations to our students on their stunning achievements. These awards are a true testament to the hard work and dedication of our students and staff."

For the full list of winners from Shrewsbury International School, visit the school's website at