Caught on video

A Youtube video clip is again making news and this time it is the Thai police who are taking the heat.

Pol Gen Asawin Khwanmuang directs the operation before the killing of murder suspect Charnchai Prasongsil.

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Killing of suspect filmed

PM wants explanation of video on YouTube


Policeman fires at the fallen suspect from close range.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has called on police to explain how they killed a man suspected of involvement in the drive-by shooting of a 12 year-old boy.

Mr Abhisit said yesterday his government did not support extrajudicial killings by police.

Video footage purportedly showing police shooting to death their suspect in the fatal drive-by attack on Phokin "Nong Tomee" Deephiu was uploaded on YouTube on Monday.

The youngster died on Saturday of injuries sustained in a road rage attack in Ayutthaya on Dec 4.

Just hours after the youngster's death, police tracked down one of the suspects in the killing to an apartment near Ayutthaya and shot him.

The clip, uploaded to YouTube by "regist53", is said to show police attempting to arrest Charnchai Prasongsil, also known as Joke Paikiew, 29, on the night of the boy's death, near an apartment in Ayutthaya.

Part of the clip shows a man firing two shots at a target lying in a wet overgrown area. The scene is in darkness but voices heard in the clip indicate the target is Charnchai. It is unclear if the man was dead or alive when he was shot but someone is heard in the video as saying that he might be alive.

The video appears to have been taken for official purposes, possibly by rescue workers, as police are heard telling them when to stop filming.

After a policeman shoots repeatedly at the target, he is told to put away his gun. He is named in the video as "Theng".

Police raided the apartment where their chief suspects, Charnchai and his brother Noppon Prasongsil, known as Jib Paikiew, were staying.

Charnchai was killed by police while Mr Noppon managed to escape. Mr Noppon was caught in Ayutthaya's Bang Pa-in district on Tuesday.

Mr Abhisit said yesterday his government did not support extrajudicial police killings. "They are not the right, or sustainable solution," he said.

The prime minister wanted to know what happened on the night Charnchai was killed.

Police, meanwhile, are defending their actions, insisting Charnchai, who was also a suspected drug trafficker, was armed and dangerous, and had shot at them first.

Pol Gen Asawin Khwanmuang, senior adviser to the Royal Thai Police Office and acting commissioner of Provincial Police Region 1, who supervised the operation and is seen in the video footage, insisted police did not overreact.

"The police did what they had to do," he said. "I swear on the honour of my police service that spans most of my life that the police did not overreact and I believe society will understand them."

suspect – a person who is thought to have committed a crime ผู้ต้องสงสัย
suspected – thought to be or have done something เป็นที่สงสัย
involvement – the act or process of taking part in something การเกี่ยวข้อง
drive-by shooting – a shooting done from a moving vehicle
extrajudicial – happening outside the normal power of the law นอกกระบวนการยุติธรรม
extrajudicial killing – a killing (normally carried out by police and often in self defence) that has not been officially approved by a court วิสามัญฆาตกรรม
footage – film or video of a particular subject or event ฟิลม์หรือคลิปภาพยนตร์ หรือวิดีโอ
purportedly – said by some people to be real or true, but not proved to be real or true ซึ่งอ้างว่า
fatal – causing someone to die ถึงตาย
injury – physical damage done to a person or a part of their body อาการบาดเจ็บ
sustain – to experience, injury, damage, loss, etc. ประสบกับ (ความสูญเสีย การเจ็บป่วย)
rage – extreme anger ความเดือดดาล
track down – to try to follow and find someone or something ตามรอย
arrest – (of the police) to take someone to a police station because they are believed to have committed a crime จับกุม
target – a particular number or amount that you want to achieve เป้าหมาย
overgrown – covered with plants that have been allowed to grow wild and have not been controlled หนาทึบ
indicate – to show that something is true, exists or will happen แสดง, ทำให้รู้
official – done, agreed to, said,  etc. by somebody who is in a position of authority ที่เป็นทางการ
rescue – to save someone from a dangerous situation ช่วยชีวิต
repeatedly – happening, said or done many times อย่างซ้ำๆ
raid – to use force to enter a place suddenly in order to arrest people or search for something such as illegal weapons or drugs บุกเข้าจับ, เข้าตรวจค้น
sustainable – able to be successfully continued for a long time ยั่งยืน, ถาวร
solution – a way of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation  วิธีแก้ปัญหา
defend – to say things to support someone or something ปกป้อง
insist – to keep saying very firmly that something is true ยืนกราน ยืนยัน
drug trafficker – someone in the business of buying and selling drugs illegally ผู้ลักลอบค้ายาเสพติด
armed – carrying a weapon  ติดอาวุธ
commissioner – the head of a particular police force in some countries หัวหน้ากรม
supervise – to be in charge of an activity and to check that everything is being done correctly  ดูแล ควบคุม
operation – a planned activity involving a lot of people, especially soldiers or police officers การปฏิบัติการ
overreact – to react in an extreme way, especially in a frightened or angry way มีปฏิกิริยารุนแรงเกินไป
swear – to promise that you are telling the truth สาบาน, ยืนยัน
honour – something you do that you are proud of; the respect that people have for someone who achieves something great, is very powerful, or behaves in a way that is morally right เกียรติยศ, เกียรติ
span – the amount of time that something lasts ช่วงเวลา

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