Meet Sam and Jessy

Terry has two special reporters working with him for the next ten days and you can meet them here.

Jessy Dahl (left) and Samantha Davin, both students at the International School of Bangkok, are working as learning section reporters this week and next.

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Meet Sam and Jessy

Sam: Hi, I’m Sam Davin.

Jessy: And I’m Jessy Dahl and we’re here on behalf of the International School of Bangkok as interns at the Bangkok Post.

Sam: Today we met with a number of people from the editorial department and we’re set to interview them throughout this week.

Jessy: Today, particularly we have been working through some information about what we are going to do throughout this week, which is to publish our work into the Bangkok Post learning section website.

Sam: So, you should follow us on that website all week and see our experiences throughout the week.

Jessy: We hope to see you there!

on behalf of – as a representative of ในนามของ ในฐานะของ
intern – a student or new graduate who is getting practical experience in a job, for example during the summer holiday/vacation คนฝึกงาน
interview – to ask someone questions in a meeting for a newspaper article, television show, etc. The noun form is also interview สัมภาษณ์, การสัมภาษณ์
publish – to make something available to the public on the Internet เผยแพร่

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