Timeline: Worst US school shootings

The killing of seven people at a private religious college in California was one of the worst school shootings in the United States since the Columbine massacre of 1999.

A timeline since then:

_ April 20, 1999: In Littleton, Colorado, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17 shoot dead 13 people and injure 24 at Columbine High School, before committing suicide. The two students had plotted the killings for a year.

_ January 16, 2002: An expelled law student in Grundy, Virginia shoots dead the dean of the school, a professor and a student, and injures three other people.

_ October 28, 2002: In Tuscon, Arizona, a student angered over his failure to pass exams kills three people, two of them professors, before committing suicide.

_ March 21, 2005. On an Indian reservation in Red Lake, Minnesota, a male teenager kills two people at his grandfather's home then goes to his high school and shoots dead seven others.

_ October 2, 2006: In Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, a man shoots 11 girls at a school run by the Amish religious community, killing five.

_ April 16, 2007: A South Korean student shoots dead 32 people on his campus of Virginia Tech, at Blacksburg. The incident is the deadliest campus shooting in US history.

_ February 14, 2008: A young man returns to his former campus in Dekalb, Michigan and shoots dead five people before killing himself.

_ February 12, 2010: A woman teacher angry at being denied a permanent job at a university in Birmingham, Alabama, shoots dead three people there.

_ February 27, 2012: A 17-year-old boy shoots five of his fellow students at a school in Chardon, Ohio. Three of them die.

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