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Just the one bride for now, says Pop

Panward ‘Peuy’ Hemmanee.

Sexy actress Panward ''Peuy'' Hemmanee says she is enjoying married life with a former coup plotter's son.

Peuy and Nithi ''Pop'' Boonyaratkalin married in an Islamic ceremony at a Bangkok hotel late last month. The wedding party will be held on June 2.

Speaking on Friday in her first public appearance since the wedding, Peuy downplayed reports that her husband's religion _ to which she herself is now a convert _ allows him to take up to four wives.

''It's a sensitive matter, but I would say anyone who is determined to have extra wives will go ahead and do so, regardless of religion,'' she said. ''For now we have each other, and I am happy with that.''

Peuy admitted she has toned down her image as a sexy vixen since marrying into Pop's family.

At her wedding, brassy Peuy, who in her sexier days as a model and actress was known for donning short shorts and draping herself provocatively over motorbikes, wore a demure headdress, as is the Muslim way.

She has converted to Islam in line with the religious faith pursued by her husband and his family.

A week before the happy day, the couple picked up a few ideas for their nuptials when they attended the wedding party of actor Chakrit Yamnarm and VJ Wirithipa ''Woonsen'' Pakdeeprasong.

Declaring they intended to marry, Peuy and Pop said it was also the first time they had gone out in public.

Shortly after, Peuy published images of herself on the internet studying the Islamic religion.

''I'm learning about Islam, as I plan to covert before we marry,'' she said, declaring she was excited about tying the knot.

Peuy announced early last month that she was seeing Pop, the son of MP Sonthi Boonyaratkalin, former army chief, 2006 coup-maker and now reconciliator extraordinaire.

The pair, who have been going out for eight months, kept their relationship secret until Peuy published pictures on the internet of herself and Pop having a meal together.

Pop, like his father before him, has entered the military, where he serves as a naval lieutenant. He divides his time between here and the UK, where he is pursuing naval studies.

Speaking on her wedding day on April 28, Peuy said she had now converted to Islam. Pop said he appreciated his wife's efforts, as converting to a new religion wasn't easy.

''I decided to marry Peuy quickly to give her security,'' he said. I am travelling to the UK for another year to further my master's studies. Peuy was worried we might drift apart,'' he said.

Peuy said she might visit Pop on short trips, but would have to return to Bangkok to pursue her acting career.

''I have soap operas waiting for me. I will carry on my career as an actress, even though I am now married,'' she said.

Media reports said the marriage dowry _ including a diamond ring, earrings, necklace and gold _ came to several million baht. Peuy's wedding dress, which took 12 days to make, was worth 200,000 baht.

Asked about whether he intends to take more wives, as his Islamic religion permits, Pop said he had spoken to Peuy about it _ but only in jest.

''My religion does allow that, but the first wife must consent _ and as the husband I must be able to take care of them equally. These days, I imagine that might be hard to do financially,'' he said.

''It was a case of 'No' from the very beginning. We talked about it only in jest. I want my family to be as complete and as happy as it can be,'' he said.

The couple have no immediate honeymoon plans and will probably leave it until the end of the year, when Pop will be in London.

Pop said he is not hung up on big houses and would be happy to live in a condo until the couple are ready to build their own place.

''As for children, I won't force anything, and we are happy to let nature take its course. But I would like children to grow up while I am still of working age, so I can pass on advice, and look after them,'' he said.

Peuy would make a good housewife and mother, and was less forthright than her public exterior suggests.

''She looked beautiful on the day of our wedding,'' he said. They plan to register the marriage almost immediately.

Howard Wang in ladyboy drug bust

Tearaway model Howard Wang is keeping his head down after being caught allegedly in possession of the drug ice at a teen gathering in Bangkok.

Howard and three friends identified as teenage ladyboys were arrested at a condo in Bangkok Noi on April 18.

When they appeared before the Taling Chan district court two days later, Howard was granted bail on surety of 10,000 baht posted by his mother, Julie Chu.

Since then he has gone to ground, refusing to talk to the media.

Bang Khun Non police raided the place after hearing that a gang of young people had gathered there for a drugs party.

They say they found drug-taking gear, but no ice. They tested the four at Srivichai Hospital for the presence of drugs in their urine. Police say the tests were positive.

Police say the three ladyboys admitted taking drugs, but Howard denied it, saying he didn't know drugs were present at the condo, which was owned by his friend Kung, one of the ladyboys.

Kung slipped the drug ice into his drink, he said, which explained why he tested positive for drugs even though he didn't take any.

Media outlets ran images of Howard and his friends, with jackets pulled over their faces, being escorted to the court. Dara Daily magazine said Howard looked angry, and thumped the top of the police vehicle to let off steam.

The court granted bail to Howard, who is still awaiting judgement on an earlier drug case.

Howard is facing drugs possession charges after police say they found a small stash of marijuana and a marijuana pipe in a raid on his home in August last year.

He also faces possible charges in an abortion case, after his former girlfriend, ex-model Pilawan ''Muay'' Ahreerob, admitted terminating her pregnancy at a city clinic on Jan 5.

While Muay claims Howard's family pressured her to end her pregnancy, Howard says he took her to the clinic without being aware that she intended to undergo the procedure. The previous September, Muay laid a complaint with police alleging Howard assaulted her.

After Howard begged her forgiveness, she withdrew the complaint.

Matanawee ‘Zee’ Keenan.

Zee pours water over mammary mania

Tomboy singer Matanawee ''Zee'' Keenan is keeping mum over claims she had cosmetic surgery on her breasts to make herself more alluring to her female mate.

Media reports have commented on Zee's new, thinner appearance, and say she may have had a breast tuck to make herself look flatter chested.

''That would overcome the problem of having to wear a tube to flatten her chest,'' one unkind report commented.

Zee, who is often seen in the company of actress Pitchanart ''May'' Sakakorn, admits many people ask her whether she has gone under the knife.

But she says she looks thinner these days not because of any operation, as some believe, but because her recording label told her she was carrying too much weight.

''My weight has droped from 55kg, to 50kg, which may not sound like much, but I am big-boned,'' she said.

''People can think what they like about whether I have had a chest job. I am not worried, as long as my fans don't end up thinking too much,'' she said.

''I am a direct person, and when my friends ask me, I tell them exactly what's going on,'' she said.

Zee says May, while close, is just a friend, as Zee already has a girlfriend of her own. ''We understand each other, and no one suffers from the disclosure that we are good friends,'' she said.

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