A Cervantes perspective

Saree Aongsomwang, manager of Foundation for Consumers

There are some books that I read time and again. Among them is Don Quixote.

It was initially a local theatre production, an adaptation of Cervantes' masterpiece, many years ago that made me want to read this classic work of literature.

I got my first copy, an English paperback version, in 1992 when I visited India. It's quite a difficult read, but seeing the theatre production made it a lot easier. I later had a Thai translation.

[I keep coming back to] Don Quixote. The part that involves the struggle of small people gives me inspiration to do my work, especially when I have to handle difficult issues. Re-reading it fuels my will to fight on.

My other favourites are the works by Phra Paisal Visalo. Whenever we meet, he always hands me a book he wrote. That's the reason I have read most of his books.

The monk's works provide an access to the core of the Lord Buddha's teachings, which are spiritually important. They enable me to let go or to accept loss when dealing with a tough issue. Otherwise I would be very frustrated.

At the same time, they remind me not to be too overwhelmed when winning a fight. Actually, if we do our best, to win or to lose doesn't really matter, after all.

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Writer: Ploenpote Atthakor
Position: Deputy Editorial Pages Editor