Hey teens, play with your app

Opendream, in collaboration with Bioscope, the Thai modern art and cultural social enterprise, has launched a new smartphone app called "Love, Not Yet" that attempts to make sex education fun.

The app takes players through various levels that use different gimmicks to raise awareness about safe sex, using condoms and other precautions to prevent pregnancy.

For instance, users will not be able to pass through to the next level unless they become aware of issues that are often misunderstood such as wearing two condoms in the hope of gaining more protection.

A pop-up message will appear at the end of each level about common mistakes made by teens and how they lead to unexpected outcomes.

"Love, Not Yet" was originally a film made by Bioscope to address high rates of teenage pregnancy in the country. The movie reflects love and the sexual behaviour of Thai teens in a fun and light-hearted way.

About 100,000 watched it while 200,000 have downloaded the app.

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Writer: Soonya Vanichkorn
Position: Reporter