App selection: Jamie Oliver Food Guide, Agent Dash, Withings Health Companion

Discover foodie havens around Britain with Jamie Oliver, run for Queen and Country with Agent Dash and more with this selection of some of the coolest, most interesting and downright fun applications for iOS and Android devices, as selected this month by the journalists.

Discover and share your favorite foodie spots
Jamie Oliver Food Guide (food & drink) $4.99
iOS (
Celebrity chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver presents over 1,000 places to eat, visit and shop around Britain. Users can add to the app by uploading and tagging photos of their favorite foodie spots around the UK and share their favorite spots with friends and family.  

Blast your way out of a deep space mine
Dynamite Jack (games) $2.99
iOS ( )
Stuck in the maze of the deep space Anthema mines, space marine Dynamite Jack must escape to the surface armed only with bombs and a flashlight, all the while avoiding evil aliens and watchful guards in this 28-level action-packed app.

Sprint for Queen and Country
Agent Dash (games) free
iOS ( )
Android (
Play as Agent Dash, a fast-paced agent on her Majesty's Secret Service, as you sprint your way through super villain bases avoiding evil henchmen, falling trees and flows of lava in this action-packed game.

Find your perfect fit
Natori: Find Your Perfect Bra (lifestyle) free
iOS ( )
Fed up with struggling to find the perfect fitting bra? Then this app from Natori may help. The app suggests two or three bras based upon users' answers to a series of six questions. These can then be purchased directly from Natori from your mobile device.

Get in shape, stay in shape with Thr Biggest Loser
Canada: My Trainer Bob (health and fitness) free
iOS (
Trainer Bob Harper of American television show The Biggest Loser has launched this app featuring his signature workouts, exercise challenges, health tips, and audio coaching to help you get in shape and stay in shape over the rest of the year.

Hit the road with a trainer
5K To Marathon Runmeter GPS (health and fitness) $0.99
iOS (
Keep up pre-summer pledges to get in shape with this fitness application that will guide you right through from that first 5km run all the way to your first marathon with training plans and ability to track your performance.

Organize your summer music festivals
iFest Lite (music) free
iOS ( )
With major UK festivals including V Festival, Reading and Leeds rounding off the summer, this app is perfect for keeping up to date with all the last minute news from the festivals, finding your friends with the GPS tent finder and arranging the order in which you want to see bands using the planner.

Master the art of make-up
My Studio (lifestyle) free
iOS (
Cosmetics brand Make Up For Ever offers the applications My Studio, to help users learn various techniques of make-up application. The idea is to learn to put on make-up like the professionals, using virtual models or your own imported portrait. The application is only available on iPad for now.

Collect and organize the best of the web
Pearltrees (productivity) free
iOS (
Peartrees is a service that allows you to save, organize, and share content (articles, photos, videos, notes) and links online. With its mobile application users can manage their account from anywhere and to view content selected by other members of the Pearltrees community.

Keep your data secure
Dashlane (utilities) free
iOS (
Dashlane guarantees users encrypted access to their most personal data (sign-in names, passwords, payment information, etc.). Originally accessible via web browser, it has now taken the form of a mobile app.

Mind your health
Withings Health Companion (health & fitness) free
iOS (
Withings' new app describes itself as a health companion for those who want to lose weight, work out more, watch their blood pressure, sleep better and more. It allows users to keep a record of their weigh-ins, follow their physical activity and visualize the impact of their activity on their physique.

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