Starbucks 'recycle' concept suits them down to the ground

You could say it's bean a long time coming, but Starbucks Coffee Thailand has come up with a way of putting coffee grounds to good use.

Starbucks store at Megabangna is the first ‘‘recycle’’ concept store using furniture made from recycled coffee grounds.

Well-known Thai architect and eco designer, Asst Prof Dr Singh Intrachooto of Kasetsart University's Faculty of Architecture, has recycled coffee grounds into the furniture in the Starbucks at Megabangna. The furniture is part of the company's latest green project called "Recycled Coffee Grounds Furniture".

Starbucks Megabangna is the first concept store, and uses two community tables, two condiment bars, and five round tables all made from recycled coffee grounds.

Kasetsart University's Scrap Lab, under Singh's supervision, has worked on various recycled materials to create environmentally friendly products. The furniture is one of the lab's latest projects.

"My team and the production team from Sonite Innovative Surfaces received coffee grounds from Starbucks and feel that these are exciting and challenging recycleable materials to work with," said Singh."I hope that when customers see the furniture, they will be inspired to be more eco-friendly and take more care of our planet."

Another Starbucks store _ at Crystal Design Center _ recently received Leed certification, the US Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standard, at silver level. The certification is widely accepted in more than 100 countries.

Small chairs made from recycled coffee grounds.

A condiment bar made from recycled coffee grounds.