Taxing problem for Ploy

Actress Cherman "Ploy" Boonyasak has been accused of using another person's ID card to register her appearance fee income for tax purposes.

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Taxing problem for Ploy

Once you make it in the entertainment business, the money you earn can be very good, especially if you are young and good-looking.

It's not just the money you earn for acting or singing, but advertisers are also eager to hire you and there are constant requests for you to appear at public events – for a fee of course.

If you are lucky enough to be in that situation, enjoy it. Just make sure you pay your taxes.

Failure to do so may have Actress Cherman (or Laila) "Ploy" Boonyasak in a bit of trouble.

Her problem came to light after Ploy told reporters that the company, Absolute For You, failed to pay her the full 150,000-baht appearance fee, as agreed.

The company withheld 3% tax and paid her only 145,500 baht, which Ploy said is not the standard business practice.

Responding to her comment, company executive Kanrapee Wilaiporn told the press that it withheld the 3% tax from Ploy's fees instead of 5%, as should be the case for entertainers according to the tax law, because Ploy had given another person's ID card to the company to register the income for withholding tax.

According to the Manager Online website, the ID card allegedly used to register the taxable income belongs to a 77-year-old identified only as Mr Taweesak.

Revenue Department director-general Sathit Rankasiri yesterday said this would be a case of tax fraud if true.

The tax law says those who avoid paying their due taxes may be imprisoned for between three months and seven years and fined between 2,000 and 200,000 baht.

Ploy has not commented on the allegation. She only insisted she had paid her due taxes according to the law.

Adapted from a story in today’s Bangkok Post by Wichit Chantanusornsiri

taxing – difficult, and needing a lot of physical or mental effort  ยุ่งยาก
once – used for saying that as soon as one thing happens, something else happens  
make it – to be successful in a job or a career ที่ประสบความสำเร็จในงานหรืออาชีพ
entertainment business – the business involved with performances that people enjoy ธุรกิจบันเทิง
eager – wanting to do or get something very much or enthusiastic about something that will happen กระตือรือร้น
hire – to pay someone to work for you, especially for a short time จ้าง
constant – continuous; all the time ต่อเนื่อง
request – an act of asking for something in a formal or polite way การขอร้อง
appear – to go to a place and be seen there ปรากฏตัว
public event – a planned occasion that is open to people, i.e., not private
fee – an amount of money that someone pays to be allowed to do something, or in this case, to hire some ค่าธรรมเนียม, ค่าจ้าง
situation – all the circumstances and things that are happening at a particular time and in a particular place  สถานการณ์
taxes – money that you have to pay to the government so that it can pay for public services ภาษี
come to light – to be revealed; to make known  ถูกเปิดเผยออกมา
reporter – someone whose job is to write articles or make broadcasts about events in the news ผู้สื่อข่าว, นักข่าว
withhold – to not give out
standard practice – the way things are normally done การปฏิบัติที่เป็นมาตราฐาน
respond – to say something as a reaction to something that has been said ตอบ
executive – a senior manager in a business or other organisation ผู้บริหาร
press – newspapers and magazines, and those parts of television and radio which broadcast news, or reporters and photographers who work for them สื่อมวลชน
register – to put your name and other information on an official list in order to be allowed to do something, e.g., vote, study, stay in a hotel etc ลงทะเบียน
income – money that someone gets from working or from investing money รายได้
withholding tax – part of a person's salary or payment that an employer gives to the government as payment of that person's taxes ภาษีหัก ณ ที่จ่าย; เป็นภาษีที่ผู้จ่ายต้องหักไว้จากยอดเงินที่เรียกเก็บ แล้วนำส่งให้กับกรมสรรพากร  
allegedly – claimed to have done something wrong, but not yet proven ที่กล่าวหา
identify – to specify who someone is  ระบุชื่อ
Revenue Department – the government department responsible for collecting taxes กรมสรรพากร
fraud – the crime of international deceiving someone or cheating in order to gain an advantage or benefit การฉ้อโกง การหลอกลวง เล่ห์เพทุบาย
avoid – to try to prevent something from happening หลีกเลี่ยง
imprisoned – to be put in a prison or another place from which a person cannot escape ถูกขัง
fine – an amount of money that you have to pay because you have broken the law ค่าปรับ
allegation – an accusation; a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal even though this has not been proved ข้อกล่าวหา
insist – to keep saying very firmly that something is true ยืนกราน ยืนยัน
due – that is suitable or right in the circumstances; according to the usual standards or rules  เหมาะสม, ถูกต้อง

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