Wat issues Doraemon amulets

SUPHAN BURI - A 700-year old temple in Suphan Buri's Muang district has made headlines again by issuing issuing lamulets of a god holding an iPad and of a famous Japanese cartoon character wearing a Thai headdress, and distributing them to visitors as souvenirs, reports said.

Wat Sampa Siw is already famous for depicting the Japanese cartoon character Doraemon, among many others, in murals of Lord Buddha’s stories of past lives and after lives.

The murals are said to attract people to the wat to learn about Buddhism and history.

The reports said the temple has became the talk of the town again when it began issuing amulets and lockets depicting the Japanese first “Anime Ambassador” and “iPad God”.

The temple invited nine famous monks in Suphan Buri to perform religious incantations on these amulets.

A monk at Wat Sampa Siw said that the amulets and lockets are given to visitors  to the temple as souvenirs, as well as to children as rewards for their showing an interest in Buddhism.

Photo by Thiti Wannamontha

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