Paralympics: Dominant Thais win Boccia gold

No-one plays boccia, a sport for severely disabled athletes, better than Thailand. The Thai team yesterday won the Paralympic gold by beating China 10-5, after reaching the final by scores of 22-0 over Canada and 18-1 against Great Britain.

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Breaking news: A report has just come in that “unbeatable” Saysunee Jana has won gold in the épée competition, giving Thailand its third gold of the London Paralympics, two better than in Beijing. The Guardian recently did a nice feature on Saysunee and you can read it here:

The jubilant Thai gold medal boccia mixed team BC1-2 after their 10-5 victory over China in the Paralympic final.

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Paralympics: Dominant Thais win Boccia gold

Pattaya Tadtong celebrates after a brilliant performance against China.

Boccia is a sport designed for wheelchair-bound competitors who have severe physical disabilities.  It is a precision game in which the athletes try to throw red or blue leather balls as close as they can to a white target ball, known as a jack. It is also a “mixed” sport in which men and women compete together on the same team.

No-one plays boccia better than our Thai athletes. No-one comes even close. To reach yesterday’s final, Thailand had beaten Canada 22-0 in the quarter-finals and defending champions Great Britain 18-1 in the semis.

In the boccia final against China, Thailand were again in a class of their own, winning 10-5 in a match that was not as close as the score indicated.

The Thais wasted no time in taking control of the gold medal match with some superbly accurate throwing.

With Thailand leading 3-1, Pattaya Tadtong sent down a blue ball that seemed almost to glue itself to the jack.

When China could not separate the balls, Witsanu Huadpradit twice went through the narrowest of openings to claim two points and extend the lead to 5-1.

A brilliant ricochet by Watcharaphon Vongsa paved the way for Thailand to claim five points for an unassailable nine-point lead.

Thailand’s Prawat Wahoram crosses the finish line just 32 hundreths of a second behind Great Britain’s David Weir to take the silver medal, his 11th Paralympic medal. AFP

Also on Tuesday, Prawat Wahoram won silver – his 11th Paralympic medal – in the wheelchair racing 1,500m.

The 31-year-old crossed the line in 3.12.32min and lost to Team GB's David Weir by 0.32sec. The Sa Kaew native now has five golds, five silvers and one bronze in his brilliant career which began at Sydney 2000.

Adapted from a story in today’s Bangkok Post

unbeatable – impossible to defeat; invincible ไม่มีทางแพ้, หาใครเทียบไม่ได้
épée – a version of fencing (การฟันดาบ)  with the sword having a heavier and stiffer blade
jubilant – extremely happy because something good has happened  ปีติยินดี
dominant – more powerful or important than all others เหนือกว่า
– unable to move around without a wheelchair
severe – very serious and unpleasant รุนแรง
physical – connected with a person's body เกี่ยวกับร่างกาย
disability – an illness, injury or condition that makes it difficult for someone to do the things that other people do ความพิการ
precision – the quality of being very accurate and exact ความแม่นยำ
target – an object that someone tries to hit เป้า
quarter-finals – competitions between the last eight competitors remaining in a tournament การแข่งขันก่อนรอบบรองชนะเลิศ
defending champion – a player or team who won a competition the previous time it was held ผู้ชนะเลิศครั้งก่อน
semis (semi-finals) – the two games that are played immediately before the last game in a sports competition. The two people or teams who win the semifinals play each other in the last game, called the final, to decide who wins the competition  การแข่งขันกีฬารอบรองชนะเลิศ
class – a group of people, animals or things that have similar characteristics or qualities ประเภทหรือชนิด
in a class of their own – clearly better than anyone else
brilliant – very skilful, impressive, or successful ยอดเยี่ยม
indicate – to show that something is true แสดง, ทำให้รู้
superb – of the highest quality ยอดเยีี่ยม
accurate – correct, exact and without any mistakes ถูกต้อง, แม่นยำ
glue – to join two things together using glue  ติดด้วยกาว
separate – to put apart แยก
narrow – not wide; having a small distance from one side to the other, especially in comparison with the length แคบ
extend – to add more ยืดออกไป
ricochet – hits a surface at an angle and immediately moves away from it at a different angle เด้งกลับ,  กระดอนกลับ, สะท้อนกลับ
pave the way – to make something possible or easier to be done  ปูทางไว้สำหรับ
unassailable – that cannot be destroyed, defeated or questioned ไม่สามารถโจมตีได้
native – someone who was born in a particular place ชาวพื้นเมือง

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