Mythbusters spark Unchained Reaction

Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been causing explosions, sparks, crashes, bashes and other reactions for a decade on their popular TV show. But now they are pitting teams against each other.

Their new Discovery Channel show, Unchained Reaction, features teams with diverse backgrounds battling against each other to create incredible chain reaction contraptions.

Teams do not just create a mere string of dominoes _ each week, they must use ingenuity, innovation and know-how to build contraptions on a massive scale. For the exciting six-part series, for which Savage and Hyneman serve as judges, teams made up of artists, rocket scientists, animatronic specialists, engineers and even your average Joe. They will be provided with identical sets of tools and materials and given five days to complete a series of mechanisms based on a specific theme.

The premiere of Unchained Reaction will feature Blecha Brothers, a team of Hollywood set carpenters who have worked in various art departments for television, and Team Crash Space, electronics experts comprised of hackers, programmers, builders, makers and artists.

Along with the Mythbusters, guest judge Adrian Hightower, Assistant Professor of Engineering at Harvey Mudd College, judge their contraptions based on the theme "Heavy v Light".

Unchained Reaction shows every Fri at 9pm, starting tomorrow and repeats every Sat at 1am and 8am on Discovery Channel (TrueVisions 20).