Speedy glamour

Shiseido's intense and rich lip rouge inspired by Japanese lacquer artistry

This season, perhaps, the most powerful pout is seen in Shiseido's autumn/winter looks. The intense colour and rich lustre for lips have been inspired by Japanese lacquer artistry.

Modern Elegance look with lips a shade of Sunstone Lacquer Rouge.

One technique is roiro, which applies multiple coats of lacquer until the surface of the item takes on a polished brilliance, with a deep and lustrous finish that looks almost wet.

Examining the traditional processes used for crafting lacquerware, Shiseido created its new line of lip colour called Lacquer Rouge. Just as the lacquer add smoothness, colour and shine to wood, the liquid formulation does the same for lips.

"Lacquer Rouge is about the simplicity of a lip gloss married to the intensity of a lipstick, with deep pigment and rich colour payoff, long-lasting shine and gloss," said Dick Page, Shiseido's artistic director. "This collection creates speedy glamour."

The new Lacquer Rouge provides intense colour and rich lustre for lips.

Featuring a dozen shades, from warm brown Carnelian to full-blooded red Drama, the new lip formula promises lacquer-like finish in just one coat.

"Lacquer Rouge entices women to try bright shades, even a vivid red," said Shiseido make-up artist, Miyako Okamoto. "Thai women who find this colour too daring should really give red a chance to shine on their lips."

Her technique is to put on lip colour first after finishing face make-up. "Normally doing the lips is the last step in doing point make-up but if you do it first, you can work on the colouring of eyelids, brows and cheeks to balance out the bright red. There should be only one focus on the face, and if you're going for bold red lips, don't do strong eyes to avoid a clash of colours," she said.

"If you're still not confident about wearing red, use your fingers to apply it on your lips and smooth out from the middle of the lips for a softer effect."

Besides the Lacquer Rouge collection, the Japanese brand launched Radiant Lifting Foundation and Camellia Compact, the latter to mark its 140th anniversary.

The autumn-winter 2012 looks were also presented at an event held at the S-31 Hotel, where Okamoto demonstrated how to achieve speedy glamour in three make-up styles: Natural Allure, Modern Elegance and Sophisticated Nude.

The three looks also emphasise a clear and glowing complexion, achieved by using the new foundation developed based on optical science to manipulate light. Wrinkles and sagging cause depressions in the skin and ambient light sources can't reach these indentations, resulting in shadows on the face.

Shiseido scientists looked at light-reflecting boards used by photographers to reflect light upward and fill shadows on models' faces. Developed based on this light-bouncing effect, the foundation helps the skin take on a fuller and firmer look.

"Women want to hear people say 'you have beautiful skin.' But don't let foundation do all the work! If you thickly apply foundation, it doesn't work, and moreover you don't need to apply it all over the face. Instead, used it on specific facial areas and skin that needs coverage," said Okamoto.

Her Base MakeUp Recipe Book was released this spring. Okamoto is also known for designing the Perfect Foundation Brush along with techniques for application on different parts of the face in order to create a smooth complexion.

Shiseido make-up artist, Miyako Okamoto working with the Perfect Foundation Brush in creating the perfect complexion.

Radiant Lifting Foundation inspired by the light-bouncing effect of a reflector board.

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