TRC report blames red shirts, army

The Truth for Reconciliation Commission officially presented the results of its two-year investigation into the 2010 anti-government protests yesterday.

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Kanit na Nakorn, chairman of the Truth for Reconciliation Commission (TRC), centre, appears with other TRC members at a press conference yesterday as the TRC releases its final report on political violence during April-May 2010. APICHIT JINAKUL

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TRC report blames reds, army

Confirms Seh Daeng links to 'men in black'

Achara Ashayagachat
Aekarach Sattaburuth
Wassana Nanuam

Mr Kanit with a copy of the report. APICHIT JINAKUL

The Truth for Reconciliation Commission officially presented the results of its two-year investigation into the 2010 anti-government protests yesterday.

The probe blamed both the red shirts and the military for the violence that resulted in at least 92 deaths.

The commission also shed more light on the role of the "men in black" in deadly attacks during the protests, confirming their links to red-shirt figure Maj Gen Khattiya Sawatdiphol, known as Seh Daeng, and the protesters' security guards.

Somchai Homla-or, the fact-finding sub-committee's chairman, spent an hour addressing a press conference to present the TRC's report.

He said the paper should be treated as the most reliable and credible record of the events, although more facts could have been discovered if the power of the commission had not been limited.

The report, nearly 400 pages in total, was released to conclude the two-year term of the TRC, whose chairman was appointed by former prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Mr Somchai concluded that the 2010 violence was the result of a series of conflicts which began during the government of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the coup in 2006 and anti-government protests in Pattaya and Din Daeng during Songkran in 2009.

He claimed the TRC has found evidence that the men in black who engaged in violent attacks on the authorities using M79 grenades and rifles had received support from red-shirt security guards linked to Maj Gen Khattiya.

The attacks caused nine deaths, killing a member of the Love Silom Group along with two policemen and six military officers, including Gen Romklao Thuwatham, at Khok Wua intersection on Ratchadamnoen Avenue on April 10, 2010.

The officer was leading a unit of troops to clear red-shirt protesters from a section of the avenue when he was hit by an M-67 grenade, believed to have been hurled from a wooden house opposite Satreewithaya School at the intersection.

A member of Maj Gen Khattiya's political party rejected Mr Somchai's statement that the officer, who was killed near the Lumpini MRT station on May 13, 2010, was seen on April 10, the same day the men in black were sighted.

Atipparut Garnjanasoowun, founding member and secretary-general of the Khattiya Party, said Maj Gen Khattiya had left the protest site on April 9 and it was impossible that he had been seen at the rally on April 10.

Mr Somchai said nearly half the deaths took place during the government's campaign to reclaim protest zones.

Accounts from witnesses and other evidence also showed that authorities and the men in black had exchanged gunfire at Wat Pathum Wanaram, Mr Somchai said, adding that the six deaths at the temple were caused by shots from the direction in which security forces were stationed nearby.

While referring to the men in black, Mr Somchai said it was difficult to further identify who these people worked for.

Mr Somchai said the TRC's investigation also found that Maj Gen Khattiya was shot from a spot in an area under the control of the military.

It was unclear, however, which building the gunman had fired at him from.

The TRC concluded that the protest organiser – the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) – was partly to blame for the violence.

Protest leaders provoked demonstrators with their speeches and made inadequate efforts to prevent the violence, Mr Somchai said.

The government, meanwhile, failed to control the military's use of war weapons to quell the protest, he said.

The government-appointed Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situation did not have the capability to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the crowd control measures, Mr Somchai said.

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reconciliation – the process of creating a new and friendly relationship again with someone you argued with or fought with การปรองดอง
commission – a group of people who have been formally chosen to discover information about a problem or examine the reasons why the problem exists คณะกรรมการ, คณะกรรมาธิการ
press conference – an official meeting where someone makes a formal statement about a particular issue or event to journalists and answers their questions about it การแถลงข่าว
release – to make known to the public เปิดเผย, ให้ข่าว, ปล่อยข่าว
violence – physical force with the deliberate intention of causing damage to property or injury or death to people ความรุนแรง, การใช้กำลังทำลาย
link – a connection ความเชื่อมโยงกัน
investigation – the process of trying to find out all the details or facts about something in order to discover who or what caused it or how it happened การสอบสวน, การตรวจสอบหาข้อเท็จจริง
protest – a meeting or rally, sometimes forceful or violent, of people who strongly disagree with something ชุมนุมประท้วง
probe – an investigation  การสอบสวน
shed light on – to provide information or details to help us understand something
role – the position or purpose that someone or something has in a situation, organisation, society or relationship บทบาท
figure – someone who is important in some way บุคคลสำคัญ
subcommittee – a smaller committee formed from a main committee in order to study a particular subject in more detail คณะอนุกรรมการ
address – to speak publicly to a group of people  กล่าวปราศรัย
treat – to behave in a particular way towards somebody/something ปฏิบัติ(ต่อ)
reliable – (of things or people) able be trusted or believed เชื่อถือได้, ไว้ใจได้
credible – able to be believed or trusted น่าเชื่อถือ
record – a written account of something that is kept so that it can be looked at and used in the future บันทึก, รายงาน
limited – stopped from increasing beyond a particular amount or level ถูกจำกัด
conclude – to finish; to complete an official agreement or task, or arrange a business deal  จบ
term – a period of time a politician, government or other official holds their job ช่วงเวลาการดำรงตำแหน่งหรืออำนาจ
appoint – to choose someone officially for a job or responsibility แต่งตั้ง,ตั้งให้เป็น
conclude – to decide that something is true after looking at all the evidence you have สรุป
series – several events or things of a similar kind that happen one after the other  สิ่งที่ต่อเนื่องกัน, อนุกรม, ลำดับ
conflict – an angry disagreement between people or groups ความขัดแย้ง
coup (d’etat) – the seizure of power in a country by a group of people, usually members of the armed forces รัฐประหาร
claim – to say that something is true although it has not been proved and other people may not believe it อ้าง
evidence – facts, signs or objects that make you believe that something is true หลักฐาน,ข้อแสดง
engage in – to take part in a particular activity  มีส่วนร่วมใน
authorities – the police or people in official organisations who have the legal power to make people obey laws or rules เจ้าหน้าที่ (ตำรวจ หรือผู้มีอำนาจ)
grenade – a small bomb that someone throws or fires from a gun ลูกระเบิดเล็ก
rifle – a large gun with a long barrel that you hold against your shoulder to fire ปืนยาว, ปืนไรเฟิล
intersection – a place where roads, lines, etc., join or cross each other สี่แยก
unit – a group of people who work or live together, especially for a particular purpose หน่วย,กอง,กลุ่ม
troops – soldiers, especially in large numbers กองทหาร
section – any of the parts into which something is divided ส่วน, ส่วนย่อย
hurl – to throw something using a lot of force  เขวี้ยง ขว้างปา
opposite – across from or facing someone or something ที่อยู่ตรงกันข้าม
reject – to not agree with ปฏิเสธ ไม่ยอมรับ
founding – starting an organisation, company, political party, etc. ก่อตั้ง
site – a place where something happened  ที่เกิดเหตุ
rally – a large public gathering of people to support someone or to protest against something การชุมนุม
campaign – a planned group of especially political, business or military activities which are intended to achieve a particular aim การรณรงค์
reclaim – to take back something that was yours เรียกกลับคืน, เอากลับ
zone – an area that has an important or typical feature; an area where a particular activity is allowed or not allowed พื้นที่, บริเวณ, เขต
account – a written or spoken report about something that has happened  บันทึกถ้อยคำ
witness – a person who sees something happen or knows about something  ผู้ที่เห็นเหตุการณ์, พยาน
station – to cause, especially soldiers, to be in a particular place to do a job ตั้งฐานปฎิบัติการ,ตั้งประจำ
identify – to recognise something and understand what it is ชี้ ระบตัวุ
United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) – the group originally formed to demonstrate against the 2006 coup and which supported the Somchai Wongsawat government against the PAD and which led the fight against the Abhisit government. They are known for wearing red shirts แนวร่วมประชาธิปไตยต่อต้านเผด็จการแห่งชาต
provoke – to cause an angry or aggressive reaction ปลุกเร้า
demonstrators – people who march with other people in public to show that they support or oppose something ผู้ชุมนุมประท้วง
inadequate – not enough, or not good enough for a particular purpose อย่างไม่เพียงพอ
meanwhile – at the same time ในเวลาเดียวกัน
weapon – an object such as a knife, gun, bomb, etc. that is used for fighting or attacking somebody อาวุธ
quell – to cause a violent situation to end ยุติความรุนแรง
resolution – solving a problem, or to finding a satisfactory way of dealing with it  การแก้ไขปัญหา
emergency – an unexpected situation involving danger in which immediate action is necessary เหตุฉุกเฉิน
capability – the ability to do something ความสามารถ
monitor – to regularly check someone/something จับตาดู เฝ้าระมัดระวัง
evaluate – to form an opinion about something after thinking about/examining it carefully ประเมิน
implementation – the process of making something such as a plan, system, idea or law start to work and be used การบังคับใช้ (กฎหมาย)
measure – a firm action taken to solve a problem or stop a dangerous unpleasant situation มาตราการ

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