Fake cards net 10 million baht

  • Published: 19/09/2012 at 12:39 PM
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Following a stakeout by Pattaya police and investigators from Thai Farmers Bank, two Estonian nationals were arrested and charged with using fake credit cards.  Mr Prijatkin Maksim and Mr Melnik Aleksandr, both in their early 20s, were said to have come directly to Pattaya after arriving in Thailand on tourist visas last August.  They were in possession of 40 fake credit cards from Scandinavia, UK, US and South Korea and extracted cash from ATM machines and as well as having a spending spree in upmarket malls.  Their last residence was in Soi 13, Thepprasit Road, where police found a huge pile of incriminating evidence suggesting that the scam had succeeded in stealing 10 million baht.

In a separate case, two Turkish nationals were arrested after undercover investigators watched them trying to use the ATM machine of the Siam Commercial Bank in Soi AR, Central Road.  Mr Orhan Bel and Mr Ercan Saruhan, 33 and 27 respectively, admitted using six fake credit cards which they said belonged to their boss in Turkey.  However, they could not remember his name.

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