Victim stabbed 43 times

TRAT – A Cambodian crewman on a fishing boat was stabbed 43 times while in his bed following a drunken argument with a fellow crew member, reports said.

The owner of a fishing boat contacted the police on Wednesday to report that one of his crew was killed in a drunken brawl with another crew member.

Police said they found the body of Mon, 25, a Cambodian national, about six hours after his death. The victim was stabbed to death in his bed. Police counted a total of 43 knife wounds on his body.

Crew members told police that the victim had a drunken argument with a man identified only as “Dee”, also a Cambodian, when they were drinking at the port about 2 am Tuesday.

“After the fight the crew members went their separate ways and the victim went back to the boat where he usually sleeps,” one of the crew told police.

They found his body in the morning, and the suspect was missing. They said they believed  that Dee had  killed Mon in his sleep and then fled back across the border to Cambodia.

Police said they will ask the Cambodian authorities to help capture the suspect.

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