EA adds support to Gaymercon expo

Electronic Arts, one of the world's biggest video game publishers, has lent its support to the inaugural GaymerCon, an August 2013 games expo due to take place in San Francisco.

The expo, first announced in June, identifes itself as a gaming and tech convention focusing on LGBTQ culture.

It has already benefited from the support of the Xbox Live team, the Penny Arcade Expo's show director, and $95,000 worth of contributions via an August 2012 Kickstarter campaign.

Though the inclusion of same-sex romance options in the EA BioWare series Mass Effect and Dragon Age was both welcomed and criticized, EA was one of 40 firms (along with Google, Viacom and Zynga) to contest the Defense of Marriage Act.

Following Electronic Arts' September 19 declaration of support, players of EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic were quick to call for the addition of promised same-sex relationships to the online multiplayer game.

Expo website: gaymercon.org

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