'Fantasy Life' gets real too

The Tokyo Game Show trailer for December release Fantasy Life fleshes out a fresh approach to the fantasy adventure genre that focuses on happy home life just as much as on derring-do in the dragon's den.

'Fantasy Life' releases December 27 in Japan. ©All rights reserved - Level-5

Fantasy Life is a co-operative effort between studios Level-5 (Professor Layton and Ace Attorney series) and Brownie Brown (Mother 3, co-development on Super Mario 3D Land) -- the two had previously worked together on London Life, a bonus game hidden inside the Japanese and US versions of Professor Layton and the Last Specter.

In contrast to the Layton games' puzzle-solving and detective mysteries, Fantasy Life proposes a blend of home-building and fantasy adventure, and it's a genre overlap previously explored by the Rune Factory series on DS, Wii and PS3, albeit in this case with Layton's hallmark hand-drawn feel.

In between their heroic escapades, players can learn and switch between careers such as cookery, dressmaking, metalwork, and carpentry.

The Japanese release date has now been set for December 27.

For overseas fans, recent games from the Level-5 studio have tended to take between 12 and 20 months to emerge in international territories, while Nintendo-owned Brownie Brown has enjoyed faster localization speeds for its work.

Fantasy Life TGS 2012 trailer: youtu.be/26_cCSTymSg
Official website [Japanese language]: fantasylife.jp

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