Painting a world of change

Gallery Ver is staging an exhibition titled "Try Arm", which showcases more than 200 paintings by Paphonsak La-or, a Chiang Mai-based Thai artist.

"Try Arm" was inspired by observing groups of people, especially those concerned with political, social and cultural issues.

To the artist, these gatherings reflect the attempts of the groups to instigate change appropriate to the lives of the people now and in the future. Within these movements, unexpected challenges were always encountered.

"The exhibition does not aim to create harmony, nor does it intend to make anyone love or hate anything, or to bring about peace anytime soon," said the artist. "I don't think this world will ever be peaceful, but it is something we have to provoke."

'Try Arm' is on show at Gallery Ver until Oct 28. The gallery is at the Rot Fai night market on Kamphaeng Phet Road, Chatuchak, and opens Wed-Thur from 2pm-6pm and Fri-Sun from 2pm-9pm. Call 083-770-1675 or 089-988-5890.