Reds, yellows summon help online

The clash between yellow-shirt and red-shirt protesters outside the police Crime Suppression Division (CSD) building on Tuesday has gone online, with both sides calling for members to come and support them.

Facebook fan pages for both sides are calling out for their supporters to join the rally with both sides claiming that they were outnumbered.

Mark Fan Club Facebook supporters posted pictures of a red-shirt Facebook page's posting where they claimed that they were outnumbered by the yellow-shirts by five to two.

They claimed that there were about 500 yellow-shirt supporters against only 200 red-shirts.

Several yellow-shirt fan pages, such as the Uprising People, claimed that their supporters were unarmed and outnumbered by the growing number of red-shirt supporters.

However, according to Bangkok Post reporter Voranai Vanijaka, who was at the rally scene, there were nearly 200 red-shirts and about 50 "scared" yellow-shirts gathering outside the CSD compound late this morning.

Meanwhile, casualty reports began appearing on these fan pages.

First, red-shirt supporters posted pictures of one of their injured supporters, accusing the opposite side of  being too aggressive.

After a while, the yellow-shirt fan club pages began posting pictures of injuries to their members.

Uprising People fan page claimed that a total of five people were injured in the clash. Two were red-shirt supporters, two yellow-shirts, and a news reporter.

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