No more sleepless nights

I have been in dismay suffering many sleepless nights for the past year, not knowing for sure who our beloved leader is. I have not been able to comprehend that the pretty lady who is said to be our prime minister really can lead our country to new heights and prosperity.

Yes, she has a long and prosperous background in the real estate business, or something like that, and she is surrounded by highly competent advisers. But now, finally my serious doubts about the competence of this ''High So'' lady have been clarified and my sleepless nights are now coming to an end. Her dear brother, Thaksin, has informed us from Singapore about the controversial rice pledging programme, saying that ''WE do not just throw away the money'' and ''if WE manipulate the mechanism for two years, three years, then things will be moving naturally''.

Please notice the ''WE'', which clearly shows he includes himself as a part of our government. I now clearly understand that it is he, not the pretty lady who is our de facto leader, the one and only, the one with a whole truckload full of string puppies. It is clear to me and I hope along with many others that our leader is a person in exile, a fugitive, a criminal who one day soon, when all is forgiven, will return as our true hero.

And don't despair about the rice pledging programme. Thaksin already told us he will manipulate it all. And history has shown us he is the master of all manipulators.

It is very comforting for us to know that we need not worry, that the money we pay in stiff taxes is well taken care of and that our leaders will ensure that we will not become another Greece.


Thaksin should buy rice

Re: ''Thaksin defends rice programme'' (BP, Sept 25).

The news said: ''Ex-PM rebuffs critics, wants scheme to go on''.

It made me ponder: Thailand may be the only democracy that allows a runaway convict to control its government and at the same time avoid being put in jail for corruption as adjudicated by the court.

Thaksin, together with his sister prime minister, are using Thailand's tax money not only to support Thai farmers, but those in neighbouring countries too.

Worse, Thai farmers get only one-third of the promised money; the larger chunk goes to government politicians and their canvassers.

Let me ask this: If this rice pledging scheme is three-fold as profitable as Thaksin has said, why doesn't he use his own investment money instead? Do you think the rest of us are dunces?


The great manipulator

Thaksin's remark, ''If we manipulate the mechanism for two years ...'', is appropriate. He must be the manipulator maestro as far as Thailand and its politics are concerned.


Volleys of questions

Re: ''Army ammo count differs from TRC's'' (BP, Sept 21).

I have waited a few days to see if anyone responds to the figures quoted regarding ammo issued, returned and supposedly used, but no one asked, so I will.

In this article it says 354,000 shotgun shells were issued and 301,271 returned, which meant 52,729 were expended.

Now I ask you, if we even consider the entire months of April and May, 61 days, don't you think 864 shells fired in each 24-hour period would sound like a real war going on? Let's cut it in half and say the rioting was only out of hand for 15 days in April, and 15 days in May. That would be an average of roughly 1,750 shells fired each day _ and this does not include the rifle and pistol rounds fired during this same period. It would be a 24-hour shooting gallery.

And nobody questions this?


World is round, not flat

The prime minister, prior to the TRC report being released, assured us that she would accept the findings. Now it appears that a group of Pheu Thai MPs are calling for a further inquiry, carried out by themselves, to disprove the TRC's claims that the ''men in black'' were part of the red-shirt contingent and generally to show the world that the red shirts, during their riot in 2010, were simply innocent, peaceful protestors whose human rights were violated by the Democrat-led coalition government and the military.

I just wonder, is there nobody who can explain to these MPs that the world is not flat with Thailand at its centre?


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