Matte and minimalist

A flawless face and some non-glossy lip colour are all you need for the autumn/winter look

No matter what the current trends, one look that never goes out of style is the effortlessly beautiful effect. The key is to make it appear that absolutely no effort was involved in getting there. If you just aim to look like you haven't got to any trouble with your appearance, full stop, then you won't necessarily look beautiful. And if you try too hard, painting your face with too many products, say, all that striving will come across very clearly, too. The two approaches go hand-in-hand, with balance being the operative word.

Bobbi Brown’s autumn/winter look for 2012.

And how that equilibrium has been interpreted for this season is bare, unadorned skin for "effortless" and striking matte lips for "beautiful".

MAC make-up artist Terry Barber is totally in agreement. The "Sense and Sensibility" trend is "about timeless classic[ism] done in a modern way - these are elements of make-up that never go out of fashion, but simply get reinvented," he said. A perfectly cleansed face, artfully painted lips and the mastery of a gentle outdoors flush on what constitutes a modern bare face. The look ultimately projects a sophistication that takes it far beyond mere fashion; it becomes, instead, a new modern classic in itself.

Kai Vinson, regional director (Asia Pacific) for artistry and education at Bobbi Brown, who has been toiling backstage during New York Fashion Week for over a decade now, said much the same thing about the direction his firm is taking for autumn/winter 2012. "The Bobbi Brown look is all about fresh, glowing, beautiful skin and the power of lipstick."

Vinson explained that Bobbi Brown herself has always been passionate about making skin look perfect. And he was doing his best to achieve that at this year's New York Fashion Week. "No matter how fun and adventurous the look is for the season, or how soft and bright, everything is always about the perfect skin." he declared. "Make sure your skin look great."

To achieve this radiant, lit-from-within skin, remember that the condition of your skin plays an important role. Healthy skin will look bright, smooth and radiant and need only the minimum of make-up. It may be stating the obvious but ... the better the state of your skin, the less you have to put on it in order to look good. It is not all that difficult. Find a cream that works and use it religiously; avoid strong sunlight; and lead a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy food, adequate fluids and enough sleep.

If all else fails, there's always make-up. But there are so many types around that you need to be sure to choose the right ones. It's a good idea to invest in a good primer, so that whatever goes onto your skin later will stay there longer. Good skin primers also add a natural glow to your skin.

"If you want a sheer finish, apply it with your fingers so that your fingers melt it into your skin to create a really subtle glow," suggested Vinson, referring to his favourite face-priming product, Bobbi Brown Illuminating Face Base, which gives skin a lit-from-within, pink-pearl effect.

The focus of this look is on the lip colour and since the rest of the face is quite bare, be daring and choose bright, bold colours. Matte textures are a major element in make-up trends for this season. If you're going to go matte, however, you have to do it right, because nothing wrecks your look more than a matte lipstick on parched, cracked lips.

"I usually recommend putting on your lip balm, having your coffee and doing anything you need to do around the house and then blotting it off before applying your lipstick," Vinson recommended. "That way you can have a beautiful matte finish. It's important you hydrate your lips first or you might get a creased finish."

MACfor Monique Lhuillier.

Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Matte Lip Color provides a matte finish that looks voluptuous and feels light; it’s available in 12 colours.

MACMineralize Foundation (Loose) provides medium coverage and a natural finish for that smooth, radiant look.

Chanel Vitalumiere Eclat Compact infuses skin with an immediate glow and supplies moisture to revive tired complexions and make imperfections less visible.

Face It Waterproof BB SPF50+PA+++ offers longlasting coverage that withstands humidity and sweaty activities and produces an illuminated skin that feels fresher for longer.

With pearl extract, Murad Illuminating Day Moisture nourishes the skin while giving it a healthy, radiant glow.

Scent and the City

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