All about the emotion

Kittinun Tangtham's art is aimed squarely at the heart, and he has made it abundantly clear by calling his latest exhibition "The Emotion".

The Emotion will be on show at Koi Art Gallery from Friday to Oct 30. The gallery is located on Sukhumvit Soi 31 and opens daily from 11am-7pm. Call 02-662-3218.

Opening at Koi Art Gallery on Friday, Kittinun's latest abstract painting works, with titles like Affection and Internal, are meant to inspire reactions.

The talented artist, a fine art graduate from Chiang Mai University, is renowned for his skills in using lines and colours to convey his inner desires and feelings.

Here he bares his soul, reflecting each different moment of desire and inner movement through the sensational lines and colours.

Kittinun encourages the viewers to see different movements and shapes from the art pieces depending on their emotion and experience.