Microsoft rewarding Xbox 360 owners for watching US election debates

With the US election debates due to air on October 3, 11, 16 and 22 from 9pm EST each night, Microsoft is offering golden Halo 4-themed avatar costumes to anyone who watches three of the four events via the Xbox Live service.

A virtual set of Halo 4 Warrior Armor rewards election debate viewers. ©All rights reserved - Microsoft

Open to Xbox Live Rewards members in the United States, the scheme recognizes that some participants might be looking for the shortest route to that temptingly shiny Halo 4 Warrior Armor, specifying that 30 minutes' viewing per debate is enough to qualify.

Little do they know that 30 minutes is more than enough to get a mind hooked on the potent combination of hot politics and professional word wrestling.

Xbox Live Rewards Election 2012 page (including rewards program sign-up):

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