Cosmetic injection coma woman dies

A 33-year-old woman who lost consciousness and fell into a coma after an unlicensed cosmetic clinician injected filler material into her buttocks died yesterday.

Athitiya: Wanted to improve her figure

Suwinai Bussarakamwong, a director at Kluaynamthai Hospital, where Athitiya Eiamyai had been treated since Sept 18, said the woman had been relying on a ventilator to breathe. Her condition had steadily deteriorated over the past two weeks.

He said Athitiya's blood pressure dropped rapidly yesterday morning, and she did not respond to medication.

With the consent of Athitiya's parents, doctors turned off the ventilator.

The wo-man, who worked as a product presenter, was declared dead at 10.35am.

Her body was sent to Chulalongkorn Hospital for an autopsy.

On Sept 16, Thanat Natveerakul, who calls himself Dr Pop, injected a foreign substance into Athitiya's buttocks at a condominium in Lat Phrao as part of a procedure to make her figure more curvaceous.

Within minutes she lost consciousness. Doctors said later that her heart stopped beating and her brain was starved of oxygen for at least four minutes.

Mr Thanat, 24, turned himself in to police and admitted that he is not licensed to perform the procedure. Police say they will wait for autopsy results before pressing murder charges against him.