Aggreko plugs into Thailand's generator rental market

The UK-based Aggreko Plc, the world's leading supplier of rental power generators and temperature control equipment, is making a foray into Thailand, aiming to tap the sharp rise in demand in the region.

Speaking at yesterday's Power Gen Asia/Renewable Energy World Asia 2012, Brano Kollar, Aggreko's head of business development for Asia, said the company aims to expand its presence in the continent where demand for electrical products is anticipated to increase substantially over the next few years.

By 2020, half of the world's population will live in Asia and that will result in a significant surge in electricity demand, especially from the middle class, he said.

Aggreko entered the Asian market in 1992 with a branch in Singapore, expanding to Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam later.

He said the company is making a big push into the region because Asian economies are growing at a fast pace, while the supply of power supply equipment is not meeting demand.

Quality equipment in the rental power generating sector is essential to back-up power supplies to eliminate the problem of brownouts and blackouts that many Asian countries experience when the demand for electricity shoots up.

Aggreko's products are normally used during the pre-construction period of petroleum exploration, production and oil refinery projects. During such periods, there is no need for a permanent power supply to be installed.

Rental power generating equipment is also used as back-up at huge events such as the Olympics, the World Cup and the Super Bowl to prevent power supply disruptions.

Aggreko's power generator units are available with a wide range of capacities, from one-megawatt units to 300-MW units. The company has also marketed temperature control devices which help improve the efficiency and productivity of the industrial sector, Mr Kollar said. Temperature control is critical to energy-efficient production lines such as those in the food and beverage industries.

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