A quick chat with Boy George

No 80s kid grew up without knowing Boy George. The androgynous, multi-talented singer-songwriter was the icon of the dance floor in the giddy days when electro-pop was the voice of the entire planet.

He was also a star in the award-wining musical based on his own life story Taboo, and recently, Boy George has been travelling the world to entertain party-goers as a club DJ. Being ranked by the coveted DJ Mag at 90th last year is proof he has made his mark on the turntable circuit.

Boy George has mixed it up in Bangkok before, and the pop-wizard is returning to the capital this Saturday. He will spin the night away in Levels Club at Aloft Hotel, Sukhumvit 11.

Via email, Boy George talked to us prior to his gig.

What is your best night spinning the music?

This is a difficult question to answer because there have been so many, but a recent one that springs to mind is playing Amnesia in Ibiza this summer. Myself and Marc Vedo held a residency there all summer and it was a fantastic experience. La Troya, the promoters of the party, offer something unique to the Ibiza clubbing calendar and it was such a joy to be a part of that this year.

You are also a famous songwriter, which singer would you like to write a song for the most?

I can't think of anyone off hand. I prefer to hear other people's songs so I'm happy just writing for myself.

What are your top three crowd-pleasing tracks at the moment?

Come to the show and you'll find out.

If you could choose an actor, dead or alive, to perform the role of yourself in the musical Taboo, who would it be?

Douglas Booth did a very good job of me recently in a BBC docu-drama of my teenage years prior to Culture Club so perhaps him again.

Have you heard the Korean pop dance Gangnam Style and what do you think about it?

It's an interesting one that. Quirky video which is receiving a lot of airplay in the UK right now. My nieces love it.

Who do you think is the future of music business and why?

For better or worse the internet has completely altered the way we make, buy and listen to music. It's amazing that music can be transferred globally within seconds; it has opened up the potential for creativity to a whole new world. Songs such as Gangnam Style can explode into global No.1 hit records within a matter of days and weeks and that's exciting.

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