Flasher stalks Phuket food shop

PHUKET - A food shop owner has complained that police are refusing to take action against a flasher who is appearing regularly at his premises and harassing a female employee.

Phuket reporters club chairman Peerapong Pholpramul said on Thursday the shop owner, whose name was not given, had finally taken his case to the media.

He said the offender, who seemed to be 30-35 years old, had first showed up at his shop on Sept 9, according to Mr Peerapong.

On four occasions he had "exposed” and "pleasured" himself while trying to draw the attention of the female employee. Sometimes he would just park his car outside, and not get out.

The flasher apparently was unaware that his actions were being recorded by a surveillance camera.

Phuket police had been informed, but refused to take action, the shop owner complained.

Out of concern for his employee’s safety, and to warn the community about the man, he had decided to take the matter to the press.