Follow your star

Dear Capricorn, work progresses at a healthy pace. It's time to organise your thoughts and things. You cut down on expenses. Learn to communicate better if you want to improve your love life. Singles choose to stay unattached.

Dear Aquarius, your physical and mental health worsens. Don't try to work while you're unwell. A payment from an insurance policy is possible. Love improves as you two get to spend more time together.

Dear Pisces, you receive help from colleagues. Someone plays a part in making your negotiation a success. Singles run into their exes, or may turn a childhood friend into a lover. Pisceans in love may cheat with an ex.

Dear Aries, many factors at the office help you succeed. You may be promoted to a challenging position. You receive more money from a sideline and/or investment. Singles may have an affair with someone already taken.

Dear Taurus, you won't feel lonely at work as your colleagues are ready to help you. Fortune from your business partner or BFF is possible. You may fall for a foreigner but something gets in the way of developing a relationship.

Dear Gemini, a powerful woman presents you with opportunities to advance your career. If you're a woman, you may get a job usually given to men. Your lover brings you fortune. Long-term couples may get married.

Dear Cancer, an office biggie supports your plan. You may meet an investor who can fund your dream. Couples become weary trying to keep their on-and-off love alive. Singles pursue a hottie who is out of their league.

Dear Leo, business talks produce results you're OK with. Verdicts regarding competitions and legal disputes will be in your favour. Singles may date someone who pretends to fancy them but is actually after their money.

Dear Virgo, you'll be assigned to a task which allows you to show your true potential. A new job offer is on the cards. Savings increase because of a well-paid sideline. Singles may fall head over heels for someone.

Dear Libra, negotiations transpire smoothly. Your output earns you kudos and the opportunity to grow in your career. Jobseekers receive an offer they desire. Couples help each other with problems. Singles attract a foreign admirer.

Dear Scorpio, mind what you do and say. Your enemies are waiting for the right opportunity to take you down. Something gets in the way of extra income. Singles meet someone who is similar to them in many ways.

Dear Sagittarius, despite some obstacles, work will progress as planned. Lovers quarrel but it will bring you two closer emotionally in the end. Singles go out with someone who is different from them in every way.