Suwat: Time ripe for cabinet changes

Now is the right time for the prime minister to reshuffle the cabinet, to change the game and the players, Suwat Liptapanlop, a key figure of Chart Pattana Party, said on Friday.

After one year in office, it was time for a change, just as football team commonly changes  some players and improves its game after several matches, he said.

Mr Suwat said the decision on when and whether to make a minor or major reshuffle rests with the team captain -- Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

Asked about a report that Pheu Thai Party wanted to take back industry portfolio from Chart Pattana, the former deputy prime minister said he had no knowledge about it.

Traditionally, all coalition partners would be informed about any change in the cabinet line up in advance, he added.

Asked if he would serve as a deputy prime minister or head of a ministry if asked  by the prime minister,  Mr Suwat said no one had approached him at this time.

Asked whether Chart Pattana is ready to oversee whatever ministries it is assigned, Mr Suwat said all coalition partners must work as a team and that the team captain make the decisions.

He personally thought the economy is the most important matter for the government because the country is now facing the impact of global recession, the eurozone crisis and the impact of last year’s great flood.

The government’s economic team is crucial in creating confidence among foreign investors, to attract them to invest more and to continue using Thailand as a production base for their products. This would create jobs for Thais, he added.

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