Police give evidence in boat crews killing case

Forensic police experts gave their statements before the Chiang Rai provincial court yesterday, the last day of a preliminary witness examination session in the Chinese boat crews killing case.

Results of the testimonies will help the court determine if the nine Pha Muang Task Force army soldiers - charged with murdering 13 Chinese crew on board two cargo vessels on the Mekong River on Oct 5 last year - are to be indicted.

The four-day preliminary session was held behind closed doors. More than 20 witnesses were examined.

Forensic experts attached to the Royal Thai Police Office were the last witnesses to testify to the court yesterday.

Myanmar drug lord Naw Kham and his five aides were earlier caught and allegedly confessed to their involvement in the killings.

He was extradited to China in May where he stood trial. He reversed his testimony in court last month and implicated Thai soldiers in the murder.

The Thai government shrugged off Naw Kham's claim and asked him to provide evidence to back his accusation.

Naw Kham and his five co-defendants are standing trial in Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, for alleged murder, drug trafficking, kidnapping and hijacking ships.

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Writer: Chinpat Chaimon