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Dizzy Nicky's Makeup Amusement Park is a useful resource for cosmetics users who prefer buying products which were developed and manufactured without cruelty to animals.

"I started using cruelty-free products in early 2012 when I discovered that animal-testing was common practice among cosmetics companies. I was horrified because I had just assumed it was a thing of the past," writes Dizzy Nicky, who describes herself as "a cruelty-free cosmetics bargain-hunter and beauty blogger".

Appalled to learn about what some cosmetic companies are doing to animals in their testing labs, she decided to withdraw support from any product that was not guaranteed cruelty-free and started writing reviews only on animal-friendly cosmetics. "I'd rather take the time and do a little research on a brand or product before buying to ensure I don't give my money to companies that harm animals," she reasons. Her blog, which only began appearing online earlier this year, contains a lot of interesting entries about products, bargains and new releases plus her honest, hit-the-nail-on-the-head comments about various products she's tried out. One of the highlights on her website is the "Swatches" page, which shows how different brands of make-up look when applied to the skin.

It's quite surprising how colours can change when the make-up is removed from its packaging.

There are also useful tips such as on how to "put Humpty Dumpty together again" i.e. patching up shattered containers of eye-shadow or blush that you're particularly fond of, using nothing more technical than some alcohol and a coin.

The way she expresses her opinions in a very direct way make her reviews really worth reading.

If she thinks something doesn't work, she will say so. For example, writing about a beauty-box brand, she notes: "Honestly, the contents of this bag weren't worth a blog post but I wanted to show everyone what I received last month because I am planning on cancelling my subscription to [the brand]. The only reason I haven't cancelled it yet is because it slipped my mind and didn't think about it until today when I received my tracking number for my June bag."

Check her out on facebook.com/MakeupAmusementPark or on dizzynicky.wordpress.com

When the make-up is applied on actual skin, the colour may not look quite like it did in the packet.

Blogger Dizzy Nicky shows how to salvage damaged make-up containers in her ‘‘Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again’’ entry.

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