Poll: Time for cabinet reshuffle

A majority of people think it is now time for the Yingluck Shinawatra government to reshuffle the cabinet and this should be done after a censure debate, according to the results of a Suan Dusit Poll revealed on Sunday.

The poll was conducted on 1,626 people throughout the country between Oct 2-6.

Asked whether it is now time for a cabinet reshuffle, the majority or 59.41% said it should be done now because many problems had not been solved and some announced policies not implemented; 23.8% were not certain; and 16.79% thought the present cabinet should be given more time to ensure continuity of its work.

The majority, 56.09%, said the cabinet reshuffle should take place after a no-confidence debate, 28.04% thought it should be done immediately, but 15.87% said it should not be done yet.

Asked how the cabinet should be reshuffled, 54.61% said only some cabinet posts should be changed, 30.81% preferred a total change, and 14.58% had no comment, saying the decision should be made by the prime minister.

The majority, 58.12%, were not sure if the government would be more stabilised after the reshuffle, 36.90% believed it would be stronger, and 4.98% believed it would become weaker.

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