'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' trailer introduces Most Wanted List

Ten elite drivers lurk throughout Fairhaven City, and it's up to Need for Speed: Most Wanted's players to find them, beat them, and then take their cars down.

A Lamborghini Aventador in 'Need for Speed: Most Wanted' ©All rights reserved - Criterion Games / Electronic Arts

The game's ten best drivers -- boss racers, you could say -- challenge players to beat them while evading increasingly powerful police measures.

Completing each duel in first isn't the end of it, however, as players must catch the rival racer and run them off the road in order to add a coveted high-powered vehicle to their suite of supercars.

While the police chase aspect recalls a good number of Need for Speed games (Carbon, Undercover, and a 2005 release also suffixed Most Wanted), the takedown mechanic is pulled from the Burnout games, most specifically 2008's Burnout Paradise.

The trailer also shows off the new Most Wanted's smashable billboards (another aspect of Burnout Paradise, but this time integrating Hot Pursuit's leaderboard system), and encourages players to find off-road shortcuts where possible, another nod to Paradise's open world philosophy.

While Most Wanted arrives on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 30 in North America (November 2 in European regions), Xbox 360 owners in the mood for an open world racer have a potential dilemma on their hands as Forza Horizon cruises into town a week earlier and has a demo available from October 9.

Need For Speed Most Wanted trailer -- The Most Wanted List: youtu.be/vPaFxmnLaSw
Official website: needforspeed.com/most-wanted

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