Uluvus set to wow in Lao

Uluvus (you love us), the world's biggest and perhaps only Lao-language international rock band, will make their Bangkok debut on Saturday.

Uluvus Live in Bangkok will take place at RCA’s Cosmic Cafe onRamaIX on Saturday at 10pm. For more details, call 081-818-9251 (Thai), 089-047-7903 (English/Lao), email Laotimbo@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/ULUVUS.

The members of Uluvus hail from Australia, the UK and France, but sing power pop anthems in Lao. The quintet are well known in Laos for their string of hit singles such as Hak Gan Leo, Gig Mai, Sao Sai Ta Jing Jai and Bor Pen Nyang.

Uluvus have played with many Thai acts including Clash, Loso, Da Endorphine, Hangman and Boy Peacemaker. The band will be in Bangkok to promote their latest album 55555, released by leading Lao label Indee Records. The album also contains 15 of the band's music videos _ eight new songs, plus seven previous releases from their 2009 album Sir Soi Dair.

The album has something for everyone _ from a taste of mor lam (traditional Lao folk music), to disposable pop, hair metal and epic rock. The album was produced by Sam Intharaphithak, one of the best-known musicians and producers in Laos.

"This album is about good times," said Chris Crash, the band's lead singer. "Lao people like to enjoy themselves, so we've written songs that can get a party started."

The band's bass player, Databass, said: "The themes of our songs are still the same _ they depict the daily life of teenagers in Vientiane.

"The main difference compared to the last album is that we have added 5% more keyboards, 55% more guitars and 555% more vocal harmonies. I'm not joking."