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Thanyapura president Robert Hauck says his company's facilities allow visitors to get the best from their mind, body and soul

Housed in scenic Phuket, Thanyapura could be described as a fully integrated, one of a kind, health and rejuvenation destination where guests can get the best out of their body, mind and soul, according to Robert Hauck, the company's affable president.

It has a varied portfolio of distinctive properties situated in the heart of Phuket. The Thanyapura Sports & Leisure Club caters to both sports professionals and amateur enthusiasts, the Thanyapura Mind Centre focuses on building mental and emotional balance, the Thanyapura Integrative Health Centre is a wide-ranging health facility addressing issues such as athletic performance, family medicine and anti-ageing, and last but not least, there is the Phuket International Academy Day School.

Hauck, who has 24 years experience in hospitality and is an avid sportsman, had this to say about Thanyapura: "It is really a unique concept because it has never been done anywhere else.

"We have every indoor and outdoor sports and training facility, all of which are of Olympic standard. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment goes hand-in-glove with our highly-trained and motivated staff. Our head trainers are experts in their individual fields."

The Mind Centre Programme covers comprehensive instruction on dealing with everything from meditation and emotional intelligence and connected mental training for the aim of business, sports and individual development. The Thanyapura Integrative Health Centre, managed by internationally recognised expert Professor Michael Klentze, is a place for those seeking to understand how to make the most of their good health or get on a programme to lead them there.

"Our nine-suite Thanyamundra Organic Resort, two hours drive north of Phuket on a working organic farm adjacent to Khao Sok National Park, has also been receiving rave reviews. We are also looking forward to the opening of the 77-room Thanyapura Sports Hotel on Nov 15. It is my belief that Thanyapura's presence in Phuket will help raise the island's portfolio as a sports and well-being destination."

Due to Thanyapura's diverse offerings, Hauck says their programmes cater to just about anyone who desires to enhance and develop their body, mind and spirit. To help them reach their goals, not only is there a premium selection of facilities available, but also expert trainers and coaches on hand to assist them along the way to self improvement from whatever level the person might be.

"Their needs could be anything from desiring to acquire a physically fit body, building mental strength, or for medical health advice from the Integrative Health Clinic. Thanyapura has it," said the German executive.

Touching on the market segmentation, Hauck, who has a reputation for visionary leadership and whose extensive experience includes sales and marketing during his long-standing hotel career, said that the company's aim is to focus on just about everyone from both domestic and international guests and through all age groups.

Expounding on this, he said: "Certainly athletic teams and those into fitness find the facilities magnificent. Moreover, our product appeals largely to corporate offices for conferences, retreats and incentive programmes. We also run triathlon and running camps, gym, martial arts and yoga programmes, as well as tournaments for tennis, swimming and beach volleyball. This includes anyone who is a sports enthusiast.

"The bottom line is that one has to see and experience Thanyapura for themselves. You have to see what best fits your needs. Our guests travel from the four corners of the world to experience what we have to offer. It is not just the facilities they come to train on, but also the Thai culture and tropical weather."

Hauck, who has been with the health and well-being company for a year, admitted that picking the right staff for the job is a monumental challenge because they have to thoroughly understand and get accustomed to the lifestyle they're selling by experiencing it themselves. This, he said, is to assist them in helping guests when they interact with them.

To prepare staff to accomplish this, they are allowed to use the sporting facilities and learn from coaches and trainers who are on hand to teach them. Personnel are tasked to work in teams to bring about successful results. The criteria Thanyapura looks for in a potential staff includes their human relationship skills, thirst for knowledge, eagerness and vibrant personality.

Prior to taking up his position at Thanyapura a year ago, globe-trotting Hauck, who is fluent in Spanish, English and German, worked with well-known luxury hotel brands such as Raffles, Shangri-La and Mandarin Oriental. His hotel career has taken him to Cambodia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Shanghai/China, Bermuda, Ecuador, Germany, England, Switzerland and Portugal.

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