THAI has lost its way

New Thai Airways president Sorajak Kasemsuvan believes that Thai cuisine, Otop silk fabrics and courteous service will halt its spluttering performance.

He has only got one out of three _ courteous service.

Maybe he should try focusing on price, service and comfort. These are what interest most travellers.

For me, good food is a bonus.


Tired of 3G 'fraud'

Can someone please tell me what I actually pay AIS every month for if there is no 3G? Every mobile phone shop and phone seller around the country clearly advertises 3G.

Whatever the current system is called, it's clearly useless and is apparently only running at a fraction of its potential, according to recent Post articles.

So why am I being overcharged for it. Is that fraud ?


Anchor should step down

Sorayuth Suthassanachinda should step down as Channel 3 news anchor until the allegations by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) that he (and two others) conspired to withhold 138 million baht from Mcot are either proven or disproven in court.

A key reason for his fame is because his audience trusts him _ we believe that he has integrity, and that therefore the news as he presents it is as impartial as he can make it. But the NACC's allegation strikes at the very heart of our belief _ if he could cheat his employer, he could be bought.

A media personality who's up for sale and who refuses to reveal who's calling the tune he's playing isn't of much use to an advertiser _ for his audience won't know to what extent they can believe him, and will leave him for more credible sources of information.

Thus, I support Khun Pramon Suthivongs, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Network, in the call for advertisers to review their support for Khun Sorayuth, and for Channel 3 to take a clear stand on the matter.

Khun Sorayuth is one of Thailand's most prominent media personalities. He's a role model for the industry. He cannot pretend that nothing is awry, and must clear his name before reappearing on the show. "He that loseth his honesty has nothing else to lose" (John Lyly).


Govt ignores rice advice

It's sad that in pursuing the rice pledging scheme, the government has such a desperate need to find places to keep paddy and milled rice that it turns to military camps and even hangars for storage purposes, instead of conventional rice warehouses.

This results in enormous damage to rice and a loss of money in addition to the huge sum that will be used in the pledging.

It will be our financial burden in the future.

It's time the government paid heed to warnings of academics and experts over this programme.


Killers deserve no pity

In reference to the article by Jose Ramos-Horta, using the same criteria cited in the article, do the victims of murder not have the right to life also? Or do they not count?

The majority of us have no idea of the pain and suffering that families of murder victims endure.

Where does it say in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that perpetrators of such heinous crimes have the right to life, often at great cost to the taxpayer?

This declaration was intended to cover war crimes.

It's being manipulated by the "politically correct do-good brigade" and I for one cannot fathom why.


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