Follow your star

Dear Capricorn, there's nothing wrong with getting help. Having another person work with you may turn the impossible into something doable. If you break up with your lover or get dumped, you'll find new love in no time.

Dear Aquarius, accidents turn your work plan upside down. The finish line is pushed further away. Be careful about what you say or you may offend people. If you're a gig, your lover may dump his/her current partner for you.

Dear Pisces, you feel a surge of power within. It's easy for you to persuade people to see things your way. Speak wisely and you shall receive opportunities to advance your career. Singles go out with someone they've been eyeing.

Dear Aries, expect many changes at work. You may be given a new title but you're quick to adapt. More work isn't a problem for you. You may get caught having an affair but everything will be resolved peacefully in the end.

Dear Taurus, bad people try to bring you down. You may be offered a new job but something prevents you from accepting it. You may lose a lot of money from gambling or partying. Singles may fall for someone already taken.

Dear Gemini, office seniors give you tasks you're keen to do. Investing with family members yields profits. An inheritance is on the cards. Singles see someone who has had many lovers. It's unlikely that you'll be his/her last.

Dear Cancer, your team argues over silly stuff. There's tension in the air but people manage to put differences aside and accomplish what they set out to do in the end. Singles meet new people but fancy no one.

Dear Leo, office bigwigs and colleagues give you support on a new project. You feel you aren't the best person for the job but you manage to pull it off. Lovers fight a lot. Spending some time apart may be better.

Dear Virgo, negative thinking prevents you from achieving your dream and earns you new enemies. You're your own worst enemy. People who owe you money avoid you. Those in love may head towards a friendly break up.

Dear Libra, you're overwhelmed by overdue and new tasks. Don't expect help from people who have helped you before. Librans in love have a misunderstanding with their boos. Two-timers may get caught and drama ensues.

Dear Scorpio, you have to tackle a heavy workload alone. Take it as a challenge to prove that you're competent. Extra ka-ching comes from a sideline. Long-term couples happily decide to tie the knot.

Dear Sagittarius, don't let the pressure of old and new tasks get to you. Tackle them one at a time and you shall emerge victorious. Examine bills because there may be charges you aren't aware of. Singles choose to stay unattached.