Ayutthaya Garden River Home

54 Moo 7, Bang Krasan, Bang Pa-in, Ayutthaya - Tel: 035-704-582 - Fax: 035-704-441 Website: www.ayutthayagardenriverhome.com Email: info@ayutthayagardenriverhome.com

This time last year much of the Chao Phraya River basin was inundated by the historic flood and this small riverside resort, one of my favourites, was no exception. Although I heard the place reopened a few weeks after the flood waters receded, I never had the chance to revisit it, until last weekend.

To my delight, the charming Thai-styled resort has not only been fully restored, it seems to be even more beautiful than before. I see a greater number of native flowering plants, many of them flaunting their colourful blooms that brighten up virtually every part of the 12-room property.

The quick recovery reflects the fighting spirit of its owner and managing director Atipa Engtrakul and, of course, her dedicated love for this place, which is a quick hideaway for city slickers in the know.