Postbag: CSI is only for VIPs

The story about the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) unit on Oct 23 sounded impressive. But I assume only cases in Bangkok involving the rich and famous get the CSI unit's attention. I doubt if the CSI would bother to show up if a labourer in Samut Sakon was brutally murdered in his shack.

In Thailand, life has different value; it depends on who you are and who you know.


Limit Western influence

Re: "Cultural melting pot" and "Chaos is creative" (David Brown and Alan Reeder Camponi, Oct 22 Postbag).

I appreciate the comments of these two gentlemen. They were meant to be constructive and instructive and were presented in a civil manner. Unfortunately, neither is pertinent to the subject of my letter.

I am aware of how the European and American cultures evolved and were shaped by exposure to a diversity of other cultures. I accept that some day both cultures may evolve into something more palatable than what we are seeing now.

But that will probably not be in my lifetime or for the children of Thai parents who are concerned about their children's Western educations. We are not concerned about the evolutionary spirit. We are concerned about our children's education, behaviour and future happiness.

Consider the generation of migrants that crossed the United States in covered wagons in an effort to settle the West and insure America's future success. Many of them were slaughtered by Indians or died from the rigours of the journey. They were sacrificed for future progress and I am certain that subsequent generations were and are grateful for their efforts. But who wants to be scalped or die of exhaustion? Not me, nor the parents of today's generation. We are concerned with today.

My daughter asks me incessantly if she can attend college in the United States when she graduates high school. My answer is always the same: "Not in this lifetime."

Thai culture is far from perfect, but it was designed by Thais exclusively, not a committee. And we all know what happens when a committee gets hold of a reasonably solid concept. In just the short 15 years I have been here, I have seen many disturbing changes in Thai culture because of Westerners expounding their advice, television and the internet. To me, it simply does not make sense to send my daughter into the lion's den because he is scratching at my front door. I honestly wish that the Thai parents who are sending their children to the West for education would seek an Asian alternative. Asia, for all of its flaws, is the last remaining continent to be evolving culturally in a positive manner.


Unimpressed by Obama

In Monday's third and final presidential debate President Obama repeatedly tried to stare down candidate Mitt Romney in an attempt to look presidential. Instead he came off looking angry and arrogant. He did not help his cause by being verbally condescending in ways that often betrayed his own ignorance of the facts. Take for example his mocking comment about the US having "fewer horses and bayonets" than it had in 1916. In reality the US presently has more bayonets _ enough to supply an army seven times that of the one in 1916. Since 1984 it has procured around 400,000 M9s.

Mr Obama also sarcastically suggested that "submarines and aircraft carriers" are a novelty which dramatically changed the naval campaigns in the 21st century. In fact submarines were used as far back as the American revolutionary war. The first aircraft carriers also found their service in 1914 in the Japanese navy. They were used extensively during WWII.

Do American voters really want to re-elect a commander-in-chief who doesn't know his own military's capabilities? Obama has already destroyed the economy. Let's hope that he is not given another four years to be a military patsy for America's foreign enemies.


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