Grandson for coup-maker, making a drama of it, back from the drink

Baby boy a coup for Boonyaratglin clan: Actress and model Panward ''Peuy'' Hemmanee is now a proud mum, and has no shortage of advice on how to raise the boy.

Nithi ‘Pop’ Boonyaratglin, Panward ‘Peuy’ Hemmanee and ‘Khao Pan’.

The former sexy vixen of the small screen, now a convert to Islam and married to the son of a former coup-leader, gave birth on Wednesday. Baby Khao Pan (sushi), was born shortly after 8am at Bangkok Nursing Hospital and weighed in at 3.3kg.

Peuy and her husband, Nithi ''Pop'' Boonyaratglin, promptly published pictures on Instagram of their child, welcoming him with the message, ''Hello ... good morning krabb, I'm coming ...''

Pop, the son of 2006 coup-maker and now reconciliator extraordinaire Gen Sonthi Boonyaratglin, said he and Peuy are looking forward to raising their little boy, for whom they have yet to decide a name.

''I was thrilled the moment I saw my son's face for the first time in the delivery room, and delighted Peuy and he look so strong,'' he said.

''When the nurse handed the baby to Peuy, her eyes welled in tears. I know just how happy she feels,'' he said.

Chermarn ‘Ploy’ Boonyasak.

''Mum and dad came up with the name Khao Pan, because Peuy and I enjoy Japanese food, but really we have yet to settle on a proper nickname,'' he said.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Peuy said the moment she saw her child, she appreciated just how important mothers are to the world. ''I worry that I won't be up to it, but I'll learn as fast as I can,'' she said.

''My body is not too good, as I took many medicines when I was younger, such as drugs to control acne,'' she said in tears. ''I was afraid the baby would not be strong,'' she said.

Khao Pan did not cry much, and slept when it was time to sleep. ''He'll be easy to raise,'' she said.

Pattarapol ‘Paul’ Silapajarn.

Pop said he was now looking forward to having a second child, though he was still in negotiations with Peuy about the matter. ''I want a girl,'' he said.

He was due to travel to Sattahip in Chon Buri last Wednesday to pursue his naval studies, but his baby son arrived first.

His parents, Gen Sonthi and his wife, arrived at the hospital two hours after the baby was born to inspect their first grandchild.

Gen Sonthi, the Matubhum Party leader, had arrived back in Bangkok from an overseas trip just the night before.

''I knew the baby was due on Saturday, and we planned to visit the day before. But I am excited that in the end he was born on a Wednesday the same day as my uncle, and my two children, Pop and Pipe,'' he said.

Asked what advice he would offer the happy couple, Gen Sonthi advised Peuy not to pander to the child's wishes, and keep en ear open to what friends and family advise.

''They've both read up well on parenting, and I'm sure they'll raise the child well,'' he said.

''However, if I was to offer advice, it is not to indulge the child. You should observe him well, but don't believe just in yourself. You must listen to others too, because they are the mirror which tells us how well our child is doing. We should listen to others and consider how to apply that advice to raising the boy as a good person,'' he said.

Peuy and Pop married in an Islamic ceremony in Bangkok in May, and held their wedding party the following month.

At her wedding, brassy Peuy, who in her sexier days as a model and actress was known for donning short shorts and draping herself provocatively over motorbikes, wore a demure headdress, as is the Muslim way.

Warut ‘O’ Woratham.

She converted to Islam in line with the religious faith of her husband and his family.

Pop, like his father before him, has entered the military, where he serves as a naval lieutenant. He divides his time between here and the UK, where he is pursuing naval studies.

Ploy not playing with reporters

Feisty actress Chermarn ''Ploy'' Boonyasak has stormed out of a city function after objecting to the presence of reporters, leaving her hapless boyfriend alone to deal with them.

A clip of a stony-faced Ploy ordering event organisers out of the lift as she made a hurried departure is doing a brisk trade on the internet, but her actor boyfriend Navin ''Tar'' Yavapolkul, who accompanied her to the event, insists she was not upset.

''Ploy was surprised to find so many reporters here, so decided it was better that she left,'' he told journalists.

''She hadn't done her hair or makeup, and it's nothing serious,'' he insisted.

Thai Rath newspaper published a picture of the pair taken before the actress's stormy walkout, in which Ploy is holding a bag with the word ''Drama'' on it.

Actor turned businessman Pattarapol ''Paul'' Silapajarn, who helped organise the event and was not among those chastised in the lift, said he bore no hard feelings.

While he had not had a chance to talk to Ploy himself, he understands that a breakdown in communication may have triggered the upset. ''I'm in the industry myself, so I understand how these things can happen,'' he said.

Ploy and Tar were invited to take part in a promotion for a Thai herbal product at Piyavet Hospital on Rama IX Road on Wednesday. However, Ploy left when she discovered a large group of reporters waiting to speak to her.

The clip shows Ploy getting into the hospital lift and expelling two or three people who followed her in there to placate her.

''This is not what was agreed. You told me this was a private event,'' she tells one of them.

''Out you go, out you go ... all of you get out. You can get out too, Miw,'' she tells her manager, talking over them and ushering them out as she prepares to shut the lift door.

As the door closes, she makes a parting remark to reporters gathered outside the lift: ''You can all talk among yourselves now.''

In September, Ploy was embroiled in a messy dispute with an event organiser over an unpaid appearance fee that triggered a Revenue Department inquiry into her taxes. She made a tearful apology after calling the organiser a ''mangy foul-mouthed dog''.

Tar said he could not stop his girlfriend from leaving, as she was entitled to make her own career decisions. Paul, meanwhile, thanked Tar for standing in on Ploy's behalf, complimenting him on a terrific job.

Road to recovery for problem drinker 'O'TV host and actor Warut ''O'' Woratham insists he is behind the worst of his problems with alcohol, and is now ready to get back to work.

His friend, actor and singer Methani ''Nino'' Buranasiri told the media in January that Warut was in such bad shape that his hands and legs shook.

The former high-profile presenter admitted last week that he had been through a bad patch, but insisted he was now on the road to recovery.

As Warut attempts to mount a return to the industry, director Poj Anon has cast him in his latest Hor Taew Taek ladyboy comedy.

He has also asked his old bosses at the TV Thunder production company if they will take him back, but without success.

''They said they couldn't find work for me as long as I carry on the way I have been,'' he said.

''I will not lie and say I have quit, because I haven't,'' he said. ''But I now drink much less than I did.''

Recalling his days as a problem drinker, Warut said he spent days at home alone, as he didn't want to face the world.

''I would go on benders for days at a time, though it never reached the point where I needed to enter detox,'' he said. He still suffers from a recurring pancreatic infection and diabetes, though insists the conditions are manageable.

Warut's wife and son, aged two, left him to stay with her family in Chon Buri. His work had dried up, as his bosses were sick of dealing with his alcohol problems.

''My work and family problems compounded my stress, which led to my drinking. However, the time I spent at home did have some benefits. I learned how to live more frugally - at the height of my drinking, I would spend 10,000 baht or more a night on women and alcohol,'' he said.

He sold a five million baht yacht, and two cars to help keep him going.

TV Thunder having spurned his advances, Warut said he has now set up his own production company which he says is brimming with work. He hopes to return to TV screens by the end of the year.

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