Poll: Yingluck 3 cabinet acceptable

The new cabinet lineup has been generally well received, with people giving it an average 6.19 points out of 10, Nida Poll reported on Wednesday.

Nida Poll, at the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida), conducted a survey on the Yingluck 3 cabinet on Oct 29-30, getting opinions from 1,259 people nationwide.

The pollster said 39.40% of the respondents believed the cabinet reshuffle was done to bring in people more suited to running the country, 23.11% of them viewing it as benefit sharing among coalition partners and politicians.

However, 22.40% of the polled people believed it was intended to help the government avoid the worst of the coming censure motion debate by the Democrat Party.

Asked whether the cabinet changes would improve the government's performance, 37.89% of the respondents said "yes", given that the government will have more suitable and competent people to help settle the country's problems.

However, 36.06% of them disagreed, saying that nothing would change because the problem of social division would remain and the new cabinet members would not be able to resolve the country’s problems.

Only 11.08% believed the situation would get worse because there would be more political conflict caused  by disappointed politicians who lost out on the reshuffle.

Some 50.52% of the respondents believed fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra had got involved in the cabinet members selection, reasoning that as an elder brother, he had to give advice to the prime minister, but 13.03% of them disagreed, saying Prime Minister Yoingluck Shinawatra already has a large number of advisors.

Asked about qualifications of cabinet ministers they preferred the most, 34.14% said be good and honesty person, 25.61% wanted competency people and 9.48% preferred the ones with working experience in line with their posts.

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