Think You Know What's Happening in the World Around You?

Well, Guru doesn't and we need your help! See if you can answer these amazingly difficult questions and win yourself the joy of being right!


Bangkok-born masseuse Rassameesaitarn "Tata" Wongsirodkul recently opened Tata Massage in San Francisco. What unique service does her parlour provide?

A)Happy endings.

B)Thai massages that don't hurt.

C)Whitening remedies.

D)Face-slapping treatments. For $350 (B10,800) per session, Tata will smack you upside your face with the claim of reducing wrinkles and firming your visage. According to the parlour's website (, the non-invasive, chemical-free treatment is "1 million per cent safe". Tata Massage also offers a full face-slapping course, consisting of four whacks a month, to help clients "look like a celebrity", "look younger", or "to charm your significant other". If all goes well, Tata says she will come back to Bangkok to learn the wonderful Thai art of "butt punching". That's just a regular Friday night for us...


Why was 54-year-old Xiao Yulong, a teacher at a school in Hunan, China, sentenced to one year in jail?

A)Because his classroom was a front for a sweatshop.

B)Because he showed up to work hungover every day.

C)Because he let his students think for themselves.

D)Because he accidentally rang the bell to end a national college entrance exam too early. Yulong admits that he rang the bell four minutes and 48 seconds too early but says it was "by mistake", according to Xinhua news agency. As a result, 1,050 students who were taking the exam to compete for a limited number of university spaces had to turn in their papers almost five minutes early. Students and parents protested against Yulong's negligence, resulting in his jail term. However, Yulong was also given a one-year pardon, meaning he won't have to serve much, if any, of his sentence. Let's just hope that there's no bell signifying when it's time for him to get out.

Are we high, or is this tower actually leaning?!


What has been detected in the air of eight major Italian cities?

A)Mutant birds.

B)A new car smell.


D)Cocaine and marijuana. Researchers at Italy's Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research found measurable levels of psychoactive drugs in the atmosphere. Of the eight cities tested, Turin was found to have the highest drug concentration in the air, while Palermo had the least. Florence wins the award (if there was such an award) for having the highest airborne marijuana levels. Although the amounts aren't significant enough to get anyone breathing the air high, researchers are using these trends to help improve drug policies in the country. 

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