Drugs found in overturned car

Police called to an accident scene in Lampang early on Friday found an overturned car, 14,000 methamphetamine pills -- and no sign of the driver.

Muang district police were advised of a car accident about 3am. on Friday,  At the scene, they found an abandoned, overturned red Honda City sedan near a railway crossing.

The police said it seems the driver ran the vehicle overe the crossing a high speed and lost control. The car flipped over and the driver scarpered. While inspecting the damage, police got a whiff of a smell emanating from a backpack inside the car. On opening it they found about 14,000 methamphetamine pills inside.

A gun holster and a single .22 bullet were also found in the car.

The investigating officers said the driver was probably hurt but still able to flee the scene, leaving the bag behind.

A witness claimed he saw a man carrying another backpack, assumed to contain more drugs, getting out of the car.

Police said initial inquiries show the car is owned by a woman  in tambon Pichai, Muang district of Lampang province. They would bring her in for questioning.

Police said they expect the driver was probably treated at a hospital nearby and would search surrounding medical facilities. The suspect was probably armed and could be dangerous, police said.

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