Evening elegance

Be the belle of the ball with a modern touch to evening make-up

Oh, the joy of getting all dressed up, the satisfying feeling of looking in the mirror and see a beautiful you staring right back. Better yet, the pride of getting looks of admiration from others, or maybe even evil envious glares! A poll in the UK last year revealed women spend hours in front of a mirror not to impress men, but to encourage compliments from their peers.

The Pupa Pierrot kit contains four eye colours, blusher and seven shades of ultra luminous lip gloss to make you dazzle throughout the night.

Evening events are where women go all out to look their best, and better than others. Peter Philips, creative director of Chanel make-up, enriches the evening make-up look with gold and bronze to add a modern touch.

Essentially, this elegant evening look is all about intense eyes with gold highlights, velvety smooth lips and a luminous complexion with energising bronze.

Why should evening make-up be different from daytime make-up, you may ask? It's not just the occasion that requires a different look  -   different light sources can also present us differently. How a colour appears in natural sunlight can change under artificial light at night.

Since most evening dresses are on the rather sophisticated side, it might be a better idea to leave your pastel, girly products alone, and opt for darker, deeper, more intense colours. Shimmer and glitter also look dazzling under artificial light, giving you a nocturnal flair.

This, however, doesn't mean you should dust shimmer all over your face. The idea is to make your skin look like it is glowing like an incandescent light bulb, not sparkling like a disco ball. Heavy shimmer is fine on the eyes and the lips, but pick one or the other, not both. Complement bold, attention-grabbing lips with subdued eye make-up, and with dramatic eyes it's better to keep the rest of the face subdued.

Nighttime is also safer for thick, intense eyeliner because most likely it will not be too hot. However, gel liner and water-proof liquid liner are always safer than pencil liner, which is easier to smudge. You don't even have to line it the usual way  -  there are actually so many different ways to create a dramatic eye using eyeliner. Wing it up at the tips, smudge it to make it smoky, or draw cool graphics if you are feeling confident.

Glam up the lips with shimmering deep red tones with Nars Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lip Gloss.


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