Three new Nintendo 3DS designs heading to China

Three exclusive looks for the Nintendo 3DS XL are bound for China, where the handheld console will be known as the iQue 3DS XL.

'It's a-me, Chinese-exclusive Mario!' - iQue's White Mario 3DS XL ©All rights reserved - iQue / Nintendo

Mario's beaming red face features on the checkerboard cover of the Mario White edition, while the Mario Silver and limited edition Mario Red & Gold covers are adorned with a Mario and Luigi that proclaims "We are twins." All three come with Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land built in.

The iQue 3DS XL Mario Red & Gold edition ©All rights reserved - iQue / Nintendo

The handhelds will be made available in December, marking an official launch for Nintendo's 3DS in China, skipping the standard size original and going straight for the newer, large screen revision.

Collectors in the rest of the world should be warned that these iQue models won't be compatible with games from Japan, North America or Europe, but are being made for use with Chinese 3DS titles only.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America annouced an exclusive of its own, choosing shopping network Gilt to distribute a two-tone pink and white 3DS XL, effective immediately.

Gilt's first two bundles were offered the console alongside either fashion sim Style Savvy: Trendsetter or puzzle adventure Professor Layton & the Miracle Mask.

The iQue 3DS XL Mario Silver edition ©All rights reserved - iQue / Nintendo

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