Macmillan Dictionary leaves print for online-only venture

The Macmillan Dictionary is entering a digital future, with print versions being phased out and attention turned to maintaining, updating and augmenting the Macmillan Dictionary Online.

The Macmillan Dictionary is leaving print for online. ©Antonina Pryshva/

It joins the Oxford English Dictionary and the Encyclopaedia Britannica (whose parent owns Merriam Webster) in dropping print for pixels but is adamant that the change is for the best.

"While printed dictionaries only get updated every four or five years, Macmillan's online presence means we can add new words and phrases on a regular basis," explained Macmillan Dictionary Online's EIC, Michael Rundell, in a statement to the press.

On the Macmillan Dictionary blog he identified the online arena as a dictionary's "ideal medium," one which can free reference material from necessary physical limitations and expand it with multimedia pronunciation guides, word games, and instant updates fueled by changes in language and popular usage.

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