iHealth launches suite of wireless health trackers

iHealth just announced the launch of its high-tech suite of data-crunching health trackers -- a blood pressure wrist monitor, a wireless blood pressure monitor and a wireless body analysis scale.

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The company also debuted a new free app, iHealth MyVitals, that syncs all the health data for iHealth devices to one central hub. You can manage your health via a personal dashboard and share results with doctors, fitness trainers, friends, or your social media.

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor ($80) lets you measure your blood pressure from your iPhone using an inflatable wrist band, while providing easy-to-understand readings, according to the company. The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor ($100) uses the traditional upper-arm cuff and lets users test, track, and share data over time via the new app.

The new wireless body analysis scale, priced at $110, tracks all of your body metrics, such as weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and even water weight. Plus you can check your visceral fat rating and daily calorie intake, making it one of the most comprehensive body scales on the market.

This spring, Fitbit debuted its latest device, the Aria WiFi Smart Scale, which can upload weight, body fat, and body mass index automatically to Fitbit.com for monitoring. Withings too has its own model, the WiFi Body Scale, as well as the Smart Blood Pressure monitor.

The iHealth suite is available online at www.ihealth99.com and in select Apple stores rolling out throughout the month.

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