Socially Screwed

The evil ways social media has ruined people's lives

Despite enabling us to stalk our exes to our heart's content, social media can also have some negative side effects. For the average person, this could come in the form of almost being run over by a car because you're too preoccupied sending cute (stupid) stickers to a friend via LINE. Not to mention all the weight that goes straight to your ass because you're surfing YouTube until the wee hours, or the horror of having your boss friend request you on Facebook.

But these detriments are nothing compared to how technology has seriously screwed over unfortunate individuals. Their embarrassing episodes have been documented, circulated and will forever live in the vault that is the internet. We have dredged up some of the best. Stay safe out there, or you'll end up on this list.


Beautiful cars are for sale but it isn’t the same with beautiful women

The one who got screwed: A middle-age Thai man who goes by Suvit Chai on his Facebook page wanted to take care of Manta Thamonmanta Suksawas, who works as a pretty, by offering to buy her a condo and car via Facebook chat on iPhone. In short, he wanted to be her sugar daddy or what Thai people call "an old cow who likes to eat young grass". Little did he know that he can't buy every beautiful thing he wants with money.

How he got screwed: Insulted by his proposal, Manta retaliated by posting a screen capture of their chat on her Facebook page to shame him. Their conversation went like this:

S:[I'm] Old, Kind, Generous [and live in] Bangkok.

M:So what?

S:If you need help, tell me.

S:Mostly, [I'll pay for a] condo or monthly car instalments.

S:No response. Guess you aren't in need of cash.

The screen capture went viral. She also wrote on her status that he should give his generosity to charity.

Consequences: Uncle Chai received lots of hate from Thai Facebookers for his sugar-daddy ways but he insisted he just wanted to help her without any sexual favours in return as his way to give back to society (which no one believes, obviously).The sugar daddy eventually closed his account.

It's not all bad, though. The initial shaming has become a Facebook phenomenon. A Facebook fanpage was set up in his honour (or notoriety) last Monday and, at the time of writing, it has gathered almost 60,000 likes.


When you feel the urge to smack someone, calm down by looking at this silly fac

The one who got screwed: An unnamed 17-year-old hot-headed male student. Let's call him "A".

How he got screwed: Apparently a foreigner captured an incident in which "A" smacked a cleaning lady on the head with a plastic chair in public in July.

Daily News reported, according to an eye witness, "A" and a friend, both in school uniform, walked to a cleaning lady named Somjit Prainao to ask if she had taken a watch he had lost. She insisted she didn't but the two boys searched her and found it. "A" then started slapping her and shouted that the expensive watch was given to him by his father on his birthday. It culminated in "A" picking up a plastic chair and smacking her head with it. The public consensus is that he went way too far.

Consequences: Somjit may not be the most innocent person in this incident but we think she didn't deserve to be attacked like that. "A", who was a Matayom 6 student at the time, was charged with battery and sent to the Central and Juvenile Family Court.


YouTube exposes wrongdoers

The one who got screwed: A high-ranking civil servant of the Customs Department named Sombat Chartchaiwaiyawit.

How he got screwed: Sombat screwed Sirichai Maichum by slapping his ear. As an airport security officer, Sirichai asked if he could search Sombat's body with a handheld metal detector, aka, doing his job. Sombat took offence that a bigwig (at least in his own mind) like him would have to be subject to such treatment. Sombat began berating and attacking Sirichai.

Someone uploaded a video clip capturing the incident on YouTube in November last year.

Consequences: After the video made it into mainstream news, the Customs Department set up a committee to investigate the incident. Sombat was found guilty of a minor disciplinary breach and was said to have some mental illness and couldn't control his temper. He was suspended from his job for two months as punishment. Wait, so the douchebag got to take a break from work and it's OK for a person with mental issues to hold a high-ranking position in government agency?

The one who got screwed:The 22-year-old Actress Anyarin "Tubtim" Terathananpat.

How she got screwed: In January, a woman sent Tubtim a message on Twitter, basically saying the actress was stealing her man and telling her to stop her flirting frenzy with men.

Tubtim didn't heed the message, but when a fan alerted Tubtim to a Facebook account set up in her name on which someone was pretending to be her talking flirtatiously with a man, things got weirder.

Consequences: Daily News reported, in May, that the actress and her mother went to Min Buri police station to report on her Facebook impostor. She felt the fake relationship caused people to misunderstand her and it had a negative impact on her work. Like a true leading lady, however, she asked her impostor to stop and she would not press charges against him. If we're afforded a theory here, we think the same guy created the two Facebook accounts to create the imaginary relationship with the actress. Creepy.


Don't wrong people or else they may hunt you down with the help of Facebook

The one who got screwed: Chakorn Boomchern, a former professional scammer.

How he got screwed: Well, to be fair, he had screwed many people first. He approached people online and had conversations with them until he gained their trust and sympathy. He either talked about his health problems or said he was suicidal. Then he met with his victims in the real world and waited for the opportunities to steal their belongings.

His demise began when a woman named Nun, one of his victims, posted her story on a Pantip forum. Soon many victims of his also shared their experience. Nun then created a Facebook page dedicated to hunting the scammer ( and information about him from his victims poured in. The page received media attention and soon the police worked with the group to apprehend Chakorn.

Consequences: Chakorn was arrested in August after he had scammed people about 100 times.


The ones who got screwed: Pattarin Larbkittikun, who was a popular student at Chulalongkorn University, and men who were fooled into giving money to her impostor.

How they got screwed: Sukanya Saichompoo graduated from a university in Nakhon Pathom with a degree in Computer Science in 2008 and couldn't find work afterwards. She came up with an idea to make money by assuming an identity of a pretty Chula student on Facebook

to sell smartphones to help her out of alleged woes. Victims transferred their money to her account but they never got their phones.

The real Pattarin discovered that someone had assumed her identity to commit crimes when a warrant was sent to her home.Pattarin was alarmed by this and the victims of her impostor also showed up at her university to confront her. She and her mother sought help in catching the impostor from the police.

Consequences: Sukanya was arrested in December while she was trying to escape the law into Laos through a border checkpoint in Nong Khai. She scammed B600,000 from many men in total.



We invent imaginary features that should exist on social media to make it a safer place for all.


A filter that separates the truth from the (abundant) fiction, for example "True relationship status" (so you won't unintentionally become a gig) and "True gender/sexual orientation status" (so you won't bark up the wrong tree).


An inbuilt device that saves your face when making risky friendship requests. For example, you try to add Ananda and a warning box pops up.


An automatically generated note to say something when you're away from a chat. Especially handy for a chat between lovers when they go back and forth until the boyfriend stops replying and the girlfriend starts to become angry.


A inhibitor that disables screen capturing. Handy for a chat between a man and his mia noi, for example.


A way to maintain your excellent reputation - introduce two versions of your Facebook page. One for friends, the other for parents to see.


Ever wondered how many of your friends found the video you just saw on YouTube as funny as you did? Wonder no more.

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